Friday, December 19, 2014

Boys only want love if it's torture

Regular "readers" will know that my musical tastes rarely extend beyond about 1988.  But I am prepared to make an exception for Mistress Swift.

On with the rest of it... femdom captions, dominatrices, chastity, all those words that get search engines so excited, you know?

Oh no, not again.
You could try calling her tomorrow.  "Hi!  It's William from last night.  That's right, the one with the small penis.  Listen, I was wondering..."
NO!  Not the comfy chair!
Well... I hope someone's asked Andy if he's OK sharing his cucky closet, that's all.  Some men can be a bit funny about that sort of thing - it's their own special place, you know?
...and then if that gets too much, the electric shocks will take your mind off the pain from the welts.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The price of selfishness

Well, maybe I didn’t want you to clean the kitchen, did you think about that?

If you’re left without orders all day, you should just stand in the corner waiting, shouldn’t you?  I was only out for eight hours. 

We can’t have you deciding to do things by yourself, just because you think they might please me.  Can we?

Can we?

That’s right.

That’s why we decided you wouldn’t have any money any more, isn’t it?  Because you were spending it all on silly presents for me.  It’s so much better now I can buy things I want.

You can say ‘Yes Maria’ at this point.

I’m not going to have this sort of selfish and self-indulgent behaviour any more.  It’s not your place to decide for yourself how to please me, is it?
Now on this occasion, it’s just possible that I forgot to tell you to clean the kitchen, and I did want it done.  But that’s not the point.  So now I want you to spend the next hour or so rubbing dirt from the rubbish bin all over the floor, and letting some old food congeal on the plates.  Then you can clean it again overnight.

Say thank you, Maria!

That’s better.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Coming out

You know, I read somewhere that many men spend their whole lives in the closet.  I think that's horrible - a tragic waste.  I'm glad to say that I've never been put in there for more than five hours at a stretch.  Just lucky, I guess.

Shall we have some captioned images of female domination now?  You up for that?  Great.

The first twenty years are the worst, I've heard.
Cruella, from many many years ago.  But still one of the best photo sets ever.  The accompanying story was even about castration, you know.  Happy days, for the adolescent Servitor.
The problem is, these sorts of prejudice just seem to be inherent in the male sex.  In fact, that's one of the reasons she'll be removing it.
She's right, you know.  Women are, you see.
Burble...gibber incoherently...sigh...

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Taking his name

Oh – there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you, about the wedding.  You see,  Alan and I have agreed that I’ll take his surname, when I’m his wife.  So your brand will be wrong – I’ll be EMR, not EMW.  We’re going to have you have you branded again.
Yes, I know.  If it’s any consolation, I think it’s a bit unnecessary too.  When I told Alan your branded initials would be wrong, I was really just making a light-hearted comment.  I didn’t think he’d insist on changing them.  But you know what he’s like.


Yes, that’s the problem.  I mean, you just can’t brand a R over a W.  It wouldn’t look right.  I tried on paper, and it just always looked really forced.  So we’ll burn a blank over to erase your old one completely, and then have EMR freshly branded underneath.

Sure – you’ll have a kind of blank rectangle burnt into your skin.  But that’s OK.  Alan doesn’t mind.  The main thing is you'll have your new brand just under.

Oh stop crying.  You’re lucky you’re not getting EMR-W!  That would be even more painful, wouldn't it?  I’d suggested hyphenating our last names.  But Alan’s a bit old fashioned.  Doesn’t really believe in feminism.  So, I'll be EMR, and it'll say that on my credit cards and my passport - and on your left buttock.  Actually, I'm kind of glad he insisted.  It makes me feel very secure, as if by carrying his name around with me I'm holding his hand.  I know it's not very feminist, but I'm just not a very feminist girl, really.  Alan's made me realise that.    That’s one of the reasons I love him, actually.

What?  No, of course we can't do EMW-R!  Alan got cross enough when I suggested hyphenating with his name first!  He's not going to have you branded with my initial first, is he?  Honestly, you can be so insensitive sometimes! 
You're getting away lightly at the moment, anyway, you know.  I’m just waiting for him to realise that all our property belongs to both of us.  If he does, maybe he’ll want his initials on you too.  But he hasn’t said anything yet, so fingers crossed – OK?  Just our little secret. I know it really hurts, so I don't want you to have to face any more irons than absolutely necessary, OK?

Sure.  I won't say a thing.

Oh - and Alan left some shirts to be ironed - and he wants his shoes polished.  Something else to get used to, I guess!  It's going to be strange for you, having a man to run around after as well as me.  Strange for both of us - I'll have to get used to not being the only one in charge.  You know he's already offered to spank you, if I'm too tired some time?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sexual harming

It's so good for me...
I think the correct answer is "No, Mistress"

Oh, I don't know.  Looks to me like it turned out pretty well.
 Image from the menareslaves site, like it says.  And that is the lovely Mistress Mina Thorne on the left there!  And on the right...errr... anyone?  She's lovely too of course, the beautiful Natalie Minx (with thanks to Mr Anonymous in the comments below).
A new departure for Contemplating the Divine.  Brutal treatment of submissive girls!  I can hardly bring myself to look.. the poor little thing.  She didn't deserve this.  I mean, he's got another seven fingers hasn't he?

I find in these conversations that at first she does most of the talking, but as it carries on I find myself becoming more and more vocal and emotional about it.
This is the wonderful Gigi Allens, from ClareSpanksMen.  She was featured here before, at length.

Or if you can't be brave, just let the restraints be brave for you.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Plugged in

Boy?  You can come in here now.  I'm just about done.

Right, so as you can see I've been setting a few things up on your computer.  One of my other pupils is an IT expert.  Andy - such a clever boy!  He's built a few tools under my instruction, and I've just installed them. See?  It runs in the background there: MyGoverness.

Now, give me your left hand.  Let me just put this on your wrist... hold still while it clicks shut - there!  Now, this just looks like an ordinary leather bracelet, but you see at the side here where it folds back?  Open that up.  That's right.  Now that's a USB key, and if you pull it you'll see you have about three feet of cable too.

Let's check the length.  Just plug it into the nearest USB port on your computer.  Hmm.  That's a bit tight.  Can you move the PC just a bit to the left, so it's closer to where you sit?  That's right.  Now plug it in.  There - that's fine, isn't it?  You're sitting comfortably at the PC and you can type with both hands but you're plugged in, too.

Now you see how the icon has changed?  That's because it knows you're plugged in.  And it's noted the time, and I'll be able to see what time you plugged in too.  Now, the reason it's yellow is that you're on a voluntary session just now.  So you can unplug again - that's right, just pull the USB key out - and you see, it's turned back to green.  That's OK.

But - plug in again, will you? - if I just set a compulsory session... hang on, I can do it with an app on my phone.  Here we are... George, that's you... set end time - there.  You see?  The icon is red now, because you're on a compulsory session.

Try unplugging.

See?  "Unauthorised exit" it says - and it's flashing the whole screen and making that alarm noise to warn you.  And of course that's all recorded and I can see that you unplugged without permission.  Those alarms are so that if you plug back in within ten seconds, it just records a minor infraction.  You know what you get for a minor infraction, don't you George?  That's right - it's not pleasant, but it's bearable.  But if it's more than ten seconds it records a major infraction - and then of course it'll be the cane.

No, no set number of strokes.  But obviously, there would be more the longer the unauthorised absence.

Let me just cancel that.  Plug back in first, will you?  That's right.  And I'll make a note to delete the major infraction it's just recorded - see, there's a message on my phone stating that George unplugged without authorisation for a period of 40 seconds.  And I press on that, it'll call your dedicated mobile, so I can check what's going on, and book you in for a caning.

Now then, compulsory sessions can be of fixed length or they can continue until tasks have been completed.  Let me show you some of the things we can do, shall I?

(Oh, he's such a clever boy, Andy, he really is.  He's been on this system for almost two years now, and of course since his job actually involves sitting in front of a computer, at home, I can keep him plugged in most of the time).

Now.  This is 'detention'.  It's the simplest programme of all.  You see - your computer's completely unresponsive.  So you just sit here for as long as I've specified, and the clock there tells you how long you have to wait.  And if I just specify the no-hands option -!  Now you can see the clock's ticking upwards?  Quite fast?  Well, that's because it's adding time.  To start it counting down again, you have to press the q and the page down keys at the same time.  See - they're on opposite sides of the keyboard so you have to use both hands. That's right.  You see now it's counting down again?  So if this were real, you'd stay like that for another hour and twenty minutes, before it releases you.

Oh - George?  Don't try to stick the keys down with anything.  It never really works and I do make snap inspections you know.

And then there's another option that specifies five keys on each side being pressed.  So you have to hold your hands perfectly still in a fixed position, until your detention is over.


OK, I'll cancel that.

Hmmm?  Well no, of course you can't.  If the cable to your wristband is broken, then it won't register you.  It's quite strong, though.  I suppose it could break by accident. You'd just have to make an appointment to see me and we'd discuss it.  If you have a good explanation, then I might not be too hard on you.

Right - now of course there's a line-writing module.

Oh don't groan, George!  Of course there's a line-writing module.  All my boys have to write lines.  You knew that when you signed up to have a governess, didn't you? 

Yes, of course you did.

Anyway, that works pretty much like the line-writing programmes you've probably seen on the Internet - Fond of Writing, writeforme and so on.  You see the line up there, you type it in a little box and if you make an error you have to write it again, and it adds an extra to your target.  Pretty straightforward.

In some ways, I prefer making boys write lines by hand.  I'll still have you doing that as well - that's generally what I have in mind when I set you a detention without fixing your hands on the keyboard.  But it's so much easier this way - all quite automatic, you see.  And I can have a line of any length at all.  No - no limit.  At first Andy had it set at 255 characters, but when I said that wasn't enough he converted it into an unlimited field.  I copied and pasted an entire chapter of the Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen, once.  Of course, it's almost impossible to type that much without making at least one mistake!  When I looked the next day, I realised the boy I'd set it to had been going for over 18 hours, and he had 76 extras!  So of course I just let him finish the one he was on and that was that.  I'm not that strict!

I like setting lines in foreign languages too.  Turkish, Estonian... that kind of thing.  You have to concentrate a bit harder.  I could even just set a random sequence of letters and characters, but I do like the thought that the boy is actually learning something as he types it again and again.

Anyway, it can set on compulsory or voluntary mode while you're writing your lines.  So it might keep you at it until you finished, or you might just have a target number of lines to complete by a set date.  One of my boys said in his application form that he needed a governess's guidance to stop him procrastinating; so I set him 5000 lines every month but left it completely up to him when to do them.  The first few months, he left it awfully late and had to work through the night as he got close to the deadline, but now he's learnt to settle down into a steady routine.  Isn't that nice?

So that's line-writing... what else can I show you?

That little light?  Yes, your camera's on, you see.  I can check up on any of the boys who are plugged in.  And it stays on for a couple of minutes after they unplug - I love watching them frantically trying to plug back in within the ten seconds deadline if they pull it out accidentally.

Hmmm?  No, there's no connection to your chastity belt.  Andy had some ideas about that, but it sounded very complicated and I didn't really see the point.  After all, every boy comes to see me in person at least once every two weeks, so even the most frequent masturbation schedule can be supervised in person.

Oh - but that reminds me.  Here's a task that you're going to become very familiar with over the next few months!  This is called 'mens sana'.  Do you recognise the quote?

That's right: mens sana in corpore sano.  Meaning?

Well, what's the point of 'knowing' it if you don't know what it means? 

I see.  Forgotten.  Well - it's a good thing you've got a governess, then, isn't it?

Mens sana in corpore sano means 'a clean mind in a healthy body'.  And it's what I aim to instil in you.  Because at the moment, you have a filthy mind in a disgustingly perverted and unhealthy little body, don't you?

And why's that?  Because you've spent so much time sitting right here, masturbating in front of all the pornography you have on this computer, that's why!

Oh don't be ridiculous, George, of course I found it!  I told you Andy was clever, didn't I?  Do you think I wouldn't have software that can find hidden images and movies?

Look - there it all is.  Filthy, filthy pictures and movies showing all sorts of things you're not going to be allowed any more.  So - we're going to clean it all up!

See - I'm setting a task called 'clean up computer'...and requiring, let's see, 100 a week.  Now - you see it's opened a directory full of your pornography?  You can see the files there - in fact, this is the only way you can access this directory now.  Just double click on any of them - a picture, say.

There it is.  It's all quite greyed out and blurry, so you can't see much of it.  Not enough to get excited.  But we can see enough to know what it is, can't we?  Poor girl - she must be awfully cold in that bra, especially without any panties.  Anyway - move your mouse over it.

That's right.  You see how it's changed to a scrubbing brush? So press both mouse buttons down and start scrubbing back and forth.  That's right...back and forth, back and forth.  And you see how the picture is gradually disappearing where you scrub?  It takes about ten passes over any pixel to scrub it completely clean.  And once you've done it for the whole picture - that's right, keep going.  Scrub it all away...  Once it's done it for the whole picture, it deletes the file and records one filthy picture cleaned up. 

It works on videos too.  How about that one?  "Melissa sucks cock"  That sounds like the sort of thing we want to clean up.  It takes a frame every minute as a photo, and you have to clean all of them.  So let's see... goodness, Melissa sucks a cock for a long time, doesn't she?  Well, you'd better get started.  It will credit you with eleven cleaned-up pictures for this, so it's all quite fair.

Each one takes about three minutes if you're scrubbing vigorously, so 100 a week is just over three hours or so.  And you'll continue that every week until they're all gone.

How many have you got, anyway?  Goodness!  However did you find time to look at them all?  Well, you're going to be doing this for a few years, by the looks of it, then, aren't you?  And some of those look like quite long videos.

Anyway. you carry on scrubbing away poor Melissa's unpleasant experience, and I'll go downstairs and have a cup of tea.  I'll set you a compulsory six hour session - to give you a tour of all the different features, and then when you wake up tomorrow you should plug in to see your weekly schedule - I can set it up tonight.  All my boys need to be plugged in at 6am every day, just to check for new instructions.

No, I can let myself out.  You gave me a spare key, remember?  So I can come and go as I please.  Unlike you.

The part of The Governess in this technological tale was played by the stern but beautiful Miss Jessica Wood. She's based in Hertfordshire, which I think might be the first positive thing I've ever heard about the place.
PS - if you like writing lines for imaginary dommes (and, curiously enough, I do) try this line writing site.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Put your lovin' hand out baby

It's what she says when my hand's been doing a bit too much lovin'.  I just say 'Yes Ma'am'.

The beautiful Mistress Mina Thorne, whose dungeon I'm sure is entirely free of creepy-crawlies.  Except her clients, obviously.
Perhaps these things should come with instructions.
Sounds like a win-win.
Actually it arrived two days ago.  Come on - you have to tell her sooner or later. If she calls the couriers and finds out, she's going to be very cross.
That's very considerate of her, isn't it?  They're not all heartless bitches, the ladies featured on this site, you know.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A turning point - maybe


What?  No I’m not.  Well...maybe I am.  It’s complicated.  I mean, yes I am a model, but I haven’t gone by the name “Alison Lawson” for years.  I’m Ali Landry now.  I was Miss America – now I’m a - well, I'm a 'supermodel', I guess.  Sounds really fancy, but, you know - that's what the magazines call me.
Alison Lawson was just a stage name when I used to do these glamour shoots for fetish sites, before I really made it.  I was always a stern nanny type – spanking naughty boys, putting them in diapers, dressing them up in little girls' clothes and making them stand in the corner.  That kind of thing - not the harsh dominatrix in leather.  I had this kind of loving discipline image, I think.   It was a bit weird at first, but it paid the rent while I was building my portfolio with the fashion shoots.  The great thing about that kind of fetish is that you don't have to go naked - that can really kill a career in fashion modelling.

Strict old Alison Lawson.  God… that really takes me back. Anyway – always good to meet a fan. What’s your name?
Really?  No way!  You’re Emma’s fiancé!  Oh wow!  Well I’m Ali, aren’t I?  Her oldest friend.  She must have talked about me?

Yes, I thought so.  She’s told me everything about you!
Well…maybe not everything, come to think of it.  I think I might know something she doesn’t, hmm?

With apologies to the divine Ms Landry, who - to the eternal regret of perverts everywhere - almost certainly did not start her career modelling spanking shoots as a strict nanny called Alison Lawson.  I say 'almost certainly' because I will admit I have not actually checked.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Like a christian fearing vengeance from above...

...I don't pretend to know what you want, but I offer love. 

(trigger warning: vanilla link.  For no obvious reason, I've always thought of the song as rather D/S... but I think that of many things).

Don't worry if you're still confused.  Things will be made clear.
I think that's disgraceful.  Just because we're submissive doesn't mean ladies can treat us like doormats, can they?  Well, I mean, obviously, if a lady like one of these wanted to treat me literally as a doormat, that would be fine, wiping her muddy boots across my back, but erm... OK, maybe they can then. 
And you prefer not being gay too, don't you, so it sounds like you and Master Mark are very compatible!

Get another one, of course.  There's plenty.  Hello!  Ma'am?  Over here!
I offer love... this is one of the most Significant of the Others in my life.  Lady Sophia Black is simply wonderful.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Taking it slowly at first

Darling, I’ve been thinking about what you told me on Saturday.  About your need to be… dominated.  Sexually.
Look.  I'm sorry I reacted the way I did.  It was just...a bit of a shock, you know?  It's not really something I know a lot about, and it just sounded kind of weird and scary... and I guess I just didn't want to hear that this was happening.  That this wasn't really my husband saying these things.  You know?

But...I went to look at those web sites you suggested. And a few more.  And… well, you know, it’s really not my thing.  Really, really not.  But, darling, you're my husband and I love you.  And if that’s what’s going to make you happy, I think we should try it.
Oh darling, calm down.  It's OK.  Really it is.’s all very new to me, so you'll have to be patient with me at first, OK?  I don’t think I can do all of it.  Not straight away.  I mean like dressing up in leather and rubber and stuff like that.  I don't think I can do that.  We don't have to, do we?

Great.  Because that’s a bit too much for me.  Maybe later.  When I’m used to it.
But I was reading about these husbands who dress up in maids’ outfits and do all the housework.  That seemed all right.  Shall we try that?  And I’m supposed to punish you if it’s not done to my satisfaction, right?  With a cane or something?

Or a paddle.  Sure – whatever.  I’m OK with that.
Oh – and financial domination too.  I could do that, I think.  We’d get your company to pay your salary into my account, and I’ll control all the money – keep a tight rein on your spending.  Maybe give you an allowance each week; or just make you ask me if ever you want to buy anything.  Cane you if you spend any money without my permission.

"Or paddle"?  For that one as well?  OK, sure.  Doesn't have to be a cane, I suppose.  Not every time.
I read a lot about financial domination.  It does sound kind of fun, actually.  So we can do that.

Anyway, erm…I’ve drawn up a ‘slave contract’.  With stuff about the housework and finances and the punishment thing.  (I’ve written ‘cane’ actually, in the section about punishments, but we can make that ‘cane or paddle’ if you like.)  And cuckoldry - that’s a very femdom thing too, right?  So you'll enjoy that.  It’ll be better for me, too, because you’ll be in chastity, and that way I don’t have to keep unlocking you and locking you up again every time I want to make love.
But no more than that, at first, OK?  Just so we can take it slowly, for me.  I’ve included in the contract the right of Mistress to change the terms anyway, so we can maybe put in a few more things as I get more confident with it.

Shall I print the contract out now?  So we can sign?  I’ll add that thing about the paddle first.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Stop your sobbing

She's very particular about the gardening - that's why she has them whipped so often.  She's very particular about sex too, but then as her husband you know that already don't you?
It must be very difficult for her, being trapped in a sexless marriage like that.  Still, she could probably play around a bit.  I mean, it's only fair.  And who knows - maybe one day they'll find the key.
She did make a particular point of how cruel and heartless she was in the advert, to be fair.
Women, eh?  There's always one more thing, isn't there?
Pesky Geneva Convention. 

So bandwagon!  Much out-of-date meme.  Many comic sans (sorry Steve!).

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Just a short one


Oh darling, there was a telephone call for you earlier.  One of those lifestyle surveys that advertisers use.  I said we weren't interested and you were busy doing your chores, but they were very insistent.  Apparently, you’re an important demographic for them.  Goodness knows why.  So I said I’d answer for you, so they won’t keep calling back, you know.
Let me see now... what did they want to know?  They asked about hobbies so I said cleaning, ironing and cooking.  They asked about your sex life, so I told them you didn’t have one.  They asked if there were any purchases that you always make sure you never run out of, so of course I said tampons, because you know how cross I get if you don’t have them ready for me.  Oh – and they asked about disposable income so I said you get five pounds a week in pocket money if you’ve been good.

They lost interest after that, I think, because they just finished up the survey and rang off.

Sorry that was so disappointingly short.
Wow - I just had a really overwhelming sense of deja vue!  Because I'm sure I've typed that exact same sentence before.   But I think this is the first time I've posted such a short story as a stand-alone item, so I've no idea when that can have been.  Isn't that weird!  Do you ever get that?
Oh well. I expect it'll come to me.

Friday, November 7, 2014

It's uncanny

I was using a thesaurus to look up synonyms for the word 'impotent' (I read somewhere it's not a good idea to repeat precisely the same language in successive lonely hearts ads), and I read the following:

  • helpless
  • inadequate
  • incapable
  • incompetent
  • ineffective
  • ineffectual
  • inept
  • paralyzed
  • powerless
  • sterile
  • unproductive
It's almost as if the thesaurus compilers had met me.  The power of words, eh?  But enough of that, let's turn to the power of dominant women, because that's what you came here for, right?

Everyone should have a hobby.  I have several.

I think that although 'the overall parameters' might originally have been consensual, it's probably not a good idea to try to renegotiate those now, either.
Oh dear.  I think this Chuck sounds a bit overbearing, don't you?  Maybe you should have a word.
It's silly to think she's denied you a last orgasm.  I mean, you had a last orgasm already, right?
It's good to do things together, as a family.