Friday, July 10, 2020

Unnecessary cruelty

But the world would be a grey and soul-less place if we only did things that were strictly 'necessary', don't you think?  Sometimes we have to live a little.

Her leadership style is simultaneously 'top down' and 'bottom up' if you can imagine such a thing.*

He thought she'd bought them to present him masturbating.  But that turned out to be the other package she'd had delivered, the heavier one.

Financial domination is a rapidly-growing segment of the economy, in these difficult times.  It's just a more efficient way of giving money to superior ladies, without having to go through all the nonsense of dressing up in fetish clothes, meeting them in person or in any way bothering them.

When you've had enough things slapsplained, oddly enough, you actually find it increasingly difficult to retain  information that has been imparted any other way.  After a really effective slapsplaining session, for instance, I am usually very well informed on the specific matter under discussion, but find it hard to remember my own name or where I am.

Why not both?  Freak pays and fucks off.  It's a win-win-lose, which sounds ideal.

* Very, very long-term readers might notice that I made this joke once before, around 2012 or so, to which I can only reply 'Have you ever considered getting a life?'**

** My own is largely unused, if anyone wants it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Lady's man

I certainly am... well, a lady's boy, anyway.

There's nothing like standing in the corner with a well-smacked bottom on display to give you a sense of perspective.

Her fees are reasonable. She isn't, I'm glad to say.

I tried calling the NHS helpline once, because I thought it would be a turn-on to ask a nurse all sorts of questions about the safety of enemas and how to deal with unwanted erections. The nurse I ended up speaking to was very sympathetic and started taking me through all of the details - but I must somehow have let on that I was just phoning for the sexual turn-on, so it got a bit embarassing after that.  Anyway, he was very nice and we've agreed to meet up some time after lockdown ends, so that ended well.

Sometimes a session starts badly, but I find when that happens the best thing to do is put it behind me and try to enjoy myself, anyway.

Wearing a shock collar can give you a sense of perspective too... along with a lot of very unpleasant electric shocks, obviously.

Friday, July 3, 2020

It may sound funny but he wasn't supposed to

"The band was the inspiration for the phrase "Sleeperbloke", referring to the disparity between the glamorous singer Wener and the other frequently ignored members of the band (who tended to be far more anonymous and stood at the back)"

Quite right too.  On we go.

Oh... the sort of 'discussion' in which my contribution is mainly limited to thanks, apologies and tearful pleading.  OK, I'm good at those.

Thank goodness Billy has a loving wife to look after him.

You need to make sure you shave closely every day.  But that's not so much to ask, is it?

I'm sure she'll want to hold full and frank discussions thoroughly exploring all of their demands, before thrashing out an agreement.

I've tried assuaging my residual Catholic guilt by seeking punishment from dominatrices but for me it just never really works, as I end up having even more sinful thoughts - it's like a never ending cycle of lust, guilt, penance and shame.  I love it.

Oh... and an extra one.  Being for the benefit of Mr Allen.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Unoriginal sins

Don't worry: you'll feel her pain

It probably wouldn't say anything very interesting, to be honest.  Mostly whiny pleading.  They're not missing anything.

Like many male teachers in girls' secondary schools, he often finds himself being the teacher who has to deal with the bullies.

I understand that if you actually open them up, by breaking the flesh from whipping too hard for example, you can void the warranty.  But it doesn't sound like she's done that, so it's probably OK.

She's not a pro-domme, anyway, because to the eternal howls of anguish from love-sick slaves, I believe Lady Sophia Black has retired.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

What a forward young man you are!

Readers of this blog who have ever fantasised about being spanked by the divine Anne Hathaway (or, more succinctly: readers of this blog) might be interested in viewing the video below.

Admittedly, we do not witness the actual act but any viewer pausing at 0.40 could be in little doubt what fate (richly deserved and almost explicitly asked for) awaits this very forward young man, once the cameras stop rolling.  Clever Ms Hathaway manages some subtle misdirection after that point, but I think we all know that's just in response to her PR agent frantically gesturing, behind the scenes.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Crawl space

Actually that's not true - she takes the keenest interest in making your knees hurt and derives great pleasure from it.

I'm actually really good at fetching sticks.  On dates, I usually try to work the conversation around, so I can casually mention it.

I tried 'coming out' by telling some female co-workers about my true sexual nature and I have to say I didn't get anything like this understanding reaction.  Actually, the entire experience was utterly humiliating and very painful.  So that was nice.

It's odd - when the lady who's now my SO and I first got together, she always (well... both times, anyway) complained that I came too soon. Nowadays, apparently I take too long and she never has time, even though I'm pretty sure I'm quicker than ever.  Women, eh?

The Divine Mistress Heather, of course. Divinity lessons have never been so intense.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Liasons dangereuses

Urban foxes maybe?  We used to have urban foxes, round where I lived in London. They used to steal so many things: shoes, certainly.  They'd even take the panties and bras off the clothes lines of my neighbours...   Yeah.   Nasty little beasts. Agile too, to leap up high enough to reach the clothes line.

No, no: don't get up.

Actually, it's not quite true that she doesn't care about your feelings.  Truth be told, she enjoys the thought of your misery.  But she's too kind to admit it.

That'll teach her.

It's a pretty effect, isn't it?  Makes a change from the usual striping.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Secondary sex characteristics

In case you're wondering about the title, that's the term used in biology for aspects of sex determination other than genitalia.  So, for example, typical male secondary sex characteristics are incompetence, laziness and servility, while typical female ones include divinity, firmness and unapproachability.  Secondary sexual characteristics can be particularly useful when the primary sexual characteristics are missing or too small to see.

Many people find such labelling unduly restrictive in these days of gender fluidity.  I asked my SO what she thought my main sex characteristics were and she just looked puzzled and said she couldn't think of any.  So there's hope for the world.

And soon he'll have a lot.

Mistress Eleise, of course, who has more sexual characteristics than one could list in one hundred blog posts and even managed to retain her poise and grace on several occasions when her Paris apartment was flooded with an inundation of raw, untreated Servitor.

If you do everything she says voluntarily then you don't get whipped - so where's the compulsion in that?

Even in exile,  the OWK ladies still speak fondly of the 'Great Slave Rebellion, though the OWK itself is no more.  There are rumours that the perpetrators are still imprisoned in cells deep beneath the grounds of the former utopia. An unlikely story, true, but they must be somewhere.

Welcome to Plan A.

Balloons?  Anime cosplay?

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tread softly, for you tread on my...

...actually, modesty forbids me from saying what she was treading on.  Let's just say that she crushed my hopes and severely injured my pride.

That should take your mind off the pain from the ring she just put on you.

Has she ever considered just walking around the horse shit?  I mean, that would be so much more considerate, right?

Yet another example of a failure properly to consider Rule #18, here.

So much better to resolve these things without having to involve the insurance companies.  Paying and fucking off is actually one of my favourite femdom activities, so it's even a bit of a turn on too!

Men in this day and age have to realise that there is nothing inherently humiliating about being financially dependent on a woman. The humiliation, if any, is all in the way it is done.

Friday, June 12, 2020

The Garden of Earthly Delights

Obviously, anyone's bound to feel a bit nervous before having a microchip inserted into their brains, but just ask any man who's had it done - you'll hear nothing but gratitude.

They're quite smart, those 'rate my date' sites.  I tried sneakily entering a positive review about myself and I was automatically redirected to Where I built up quite a profile, actually, until my SO stopped all that nonsense.

One positive thing is that he has discovered he and his father-in-law have a lot in common, so that's nice.

Mmm... edgy.  Let's hope she doesn't get too drunk this time.

Despite the general female-led tendency of this blog, I want to make clear that I think it is OK to have disagreements between husband and wife in marriage.   I disagreed with my SO once, very early on in our life together, and although it was painful - very painful, actually - I think we both found it to be a learning experience that made our marriage stronger.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The good old days

More images from those golden years before society went to the dogs.  When chaps went out to rule the empire with nothing more than a cleft stick, a good solid education thrashed into them at one of the better public schools and a memsahib with firm opinions about household management.

It's more Downton domination.

Chaps back then weren't supposed to cry in public, but you know I'm willing to bet that tears flowed from time to time in the privacy of the marital chamber, whenever men recalled their school years with the help of their loving wives.

She seems like rather a forward young lady, proposing a trip to the kinema ('pictures' indeed - and she a schoolmistress!) before she has even been properly introduced! Still, she seems to have some sound ideas in her head, so I suppose it'll be all right.

I suppose a little fresh air while he was being thrashed never did a chap any harm.

Funny, really - after hating the floggings and humiliations inflicted at school, to find oneself married to a girl who likes nothing better than to apply the same methods.  It does make you wonder if there might be something in all that guff that Freud chappie writes, don't you think?

I always thought there was something a bit rum about that stable boy with the long hair.  Tell you what - pay close atention to the noises he makes when he's buggering you.  If he's enjoying it too much, we might have a homosexual on our books - and I imagine the Police would like to be informed about that