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  1. Why are there no dates on posts on the new blog? It's a solo blog, it's not part of a system I can "follow" so I have to check it manually, and without dates how can I know where I left off? Also I couldn't find a way to comment on the new one.

    1. There are dates on posts on the new blog, at the bottom of each post. It has an RSS feed, so you can follow it without checking manually: for example this old blog follows the new one, you can see updates in the 'My Blog List', over to the right.

      Comments are enabled, and people are commenting. Click on 'Leave a comment' at the bottom of each post.

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  2. Max, my sissy slave husband, is afraid of spiders. Last week I was at work when my PA, Emily, came in and said:

    ''Zoe, your husband is on the phone, a big spider is in the kitchen and he is scared to go too close. He wonders if he can ask Mrs. Brent, your next door neighbor, to come in and deal with it. Would that be OK?''

    ''My goodness, put him through, honey, thanks.''

    ''Max, what is this about a spider, sweetie? Now, remember what I told you? Just stay away from the kitchen for a while and when you go back in the spider will be gone. I know it upsets you, Max, but you need to be a brave sissy for me, OK?''

    ''But it is huge, goddess, I feel quite sick. Can't I get Mrs. Brent to help?''

    ''Don't be silly, honey. Don't bother Mary, if you leave the spider to sort itself out, it will be OK. Spiders usually look for a safe spot out of sight. Now I have to go, honey, be brave for me. Bye sweetie.''

    Emily and I laughed at my poor sissy. So scared of a spider!!

    I have been really busy at work. The law in the Gynarchy regarding inheritance has been tightened up and this has caused a lot of sissy owners getting legal advice. My firm mainly deals with Contract Law in the Mining and Manufacturing Industries, but we do get involved with Gynarchy legal matters as we are widely known for this work.

    Up until last year a woman who only has sons could leave them an inheritance (taxed at 80%).

    This could get complicated if it involved property as males in the Gynarchy cannot own any. This would mean that the property would be inherited by the next female in the family.

    Often this would mean finding a cousin of the woman, or some other female to inherit. If no one could be found the property would be sold and the proceeds go to a named charity or the state.

    This was changed last year so that, if a woman only has sons, then any property would be sold and the proceeds would go to a named female. That opened up the possibility of a woman leaving property in her will to a female friend.

    Our job is to help a woman in those circumstances to write a will with a named female to inherit. This tightens the law in the favor of a woman who doesn't want her money to be given to a charity or the state when she dies.

    Max's grandma died two years ago and left him her collection of teddy bears and soft toys. His room is full of lovely cuddly toys. He loves them. Her property (along with some jewellery and money and shares) was inherited by his mommy, Veronica, and sister, Rachel.

    Max,being a sissy, could only inherit non-cash items.

    When I got home I gave Max a big fuss and a cuddle because he was such a brave boy with the spider. He really is scared of them and it was sweet that he wanted me to allow him to ask Mary Brent for help.

    He did the right thing in phoning me, such a good sissy.

    I did make Mary laugh when I told her about it. She is a good friend and her daughter, Rosie, sometimes cucksits Max.


  3. ''Max, please be careful when my mom visits, OK?' She is lovely and so kind, but she can be critical too. If she thinks I let you get away with things she will think I don't run an efficient house. She thinks I am a bit too easygoing with you as she was very strict with my daddy, and still is. He may be in his late 50's but he is still caned regularly. Just be a good boy, please.''

    ''Yes, goddess, of course. When is Goddess Mommy visiting, ma'am.''

    ''I am not sure, I need to phone her at some point today or tomorrow.''

    Max hates it when my mom visits, he is on show and she is very demanding. I remember when I was growing up how my dad would be quick to obey her. He would be disciplined for the slightest error, however small. He was once severely punished for forgetting the name of her cousin's children. We didn't see this cousin of hers much, but they were considered senior and he should know their names.

    I told my mom I thought it was unfair, but she was insistent.

    I was in bed with Max. He is a enthusiastic lover and his tongue is very skilful.

    ''Darling, kiss me.''

    ''mmmm darling, lick me.''

    ''Darling, let me cuddle up to you. Your shoulders are so broad, and sexy.''

    My mom arrived and Max took her coat, unloaded her car of a suitcase and some bags. He took them to her room, where he had placed flowers and fresh sheets.

    It was a successful week-end and Max stayed out of trouble. We didn't share a bed whilst she was with us, that would have been too much for her. The only criticism I got from mom was that I allowed Max to be in the dining room as we ate and also he could sit at my feet in the TV lounge.

    ''Why do you allow Max to be so close to you when he is not working? Surely, he should be in his quarters, it seems very modern to allow him so near your feet, dear.''

    If that is all mom can find to criticise I reckon that is OK.


  4. It was a busy commute, as usual. The Lexus is comfy, but it is still a one hour drive home. I thought about Max as I drove. He is such a good sissy husband, and he looks after me and the house so well.

    As it has been one year since he was let out of his CB6000 for anything other than washing in the shower, I was considering how I should mark that. Perhaps let him have freedom for fifteen minutes, or let him touch his c**k for a short time. It all seemed rather sad.

    As I have told Max he may not mention his chastity status at all I could ignore it and let it go on to two or three or even four more years. It wouldn't really affect me in the slightest.

    What to do. What to do.

    As I got out of the car and walked to my front door I was aware of my smelly feet, my sticky pantyhose, my sweaty bra cups.

    ''Max, darling, come and take my coat and my bag, please.''

    ''Yes, goddess, of course. There is a fresh pot of coffee, goddess.''

    I took my coffee and watched Max as he knelt by my feet, looking up at me longingly and silently.

    He looked so cute, I decided to ignore the anniversary and carry on as normal. I doubt if he has remembered as he has little sense of time. Each day of devotion to me is the same as any other.

    I took off my stinky pantyhose and gave them to Max.

    ''As a treat, you may sleep with these tonight, darling. You wont be with me, honey, I need a rest from you.''

    ''Thank you goddess. I understand, goddess.''

    ''Good boy.''

    And he is a good boy. A sweet, sissy, weak boy.


  5. One of the guiding principles of my marriage is ‘certainty’. That means that if I tell my sissy slave husband, Max, that he will be punished for being a naughty boy, then that is what will happen. It is ‘certain’ because I said so.

    On occasions he has begged for forgiveness and said he will never do what he did to annoy me, again. That is sweet, but it cannot take away the fact that I said he will be caned. The saying is what makes it ‘certain’.

    Now, Max is generally a good boy. That doesn’t mean he will be let off a punishment, that would be wrong.

    For the last 6 or 7 months I have been sleeping with Max. Sometimes we have been together and he has not been wearing his chastity cage. This has ensured my pleasure, but it has also put in Max’s mind that he is a ‘real’ man. That he could be my equal partner, even be my friend. This is not possible. This is impossible.

    You cannot be equal if you are a sissy slave. This morning after my toilet he licked and cleaned my smelly ass. This he took as a privilege. It was a privilege. It was also an indicator of his status in the world. I must admit he is a sexy companion in bed, he is a good looking guy and I love him very much.

    ”Max, come here quickly, please.”

    Max, my sissy husband, had been tidying in the garden. He is quite good at mowing and weeding, but he often pulls up perfectly good flowers. I was walking in the sunshine in a summer dress, I was relaxing after a hard week at work.

    ”Max, these are Plantain Lillies and it looks like you have been thinning them. Why have you done that, they are at their peak. Explain yourself?”

    ”Oh most high goddess, I thought they looked in need of separating. I am sorry if I am wrong.”

    ”Go into the house, I will ask my mom to look at them and see if you have ruined them. Make me a coffee, and bring some lemon drizzle cake,”

    After Max served my refreshments I got a call from an old friend from uni, Agnes. We chatted for ages and I allowed Max to kiss and worship my stinky feet. Agnes has a new job as a Researcher at Warwick University. She is well qualified for the job and is so excited. When we finished we arranged to meet for a girly chat over coffee. I put my cell down and patted Max’s cheek.

    ”Good boy. you love my feet, don’t you? You pervert, you love kissing and licking and smelling stinky places. So sweet. Go and get on with some housework, honey. The place looks a mess.”

    ”Yes, ma’am. Thank you, ma’am.”


  6. I met Agnes at a fashionable coffee shop near Zara and Liberty in town. She always looks good, but today she looked really happy in a white shirt with a blue denim mini skirt. Agnes was one of the most clever ones at Uni and so I am not surprised Warwick want her to do some further research into ‘the effects of ozone gases on the growth of trees and shrubs.’

    ”Hi Zoe, lovely to see you. How are you? Still married to that sissy, Max? Still working for megabucks as a Lawyer in the City? Tell me all, have you got a boyfriend?”

    ”Let me catch my breath, Agnes darling! Yes still married, yes still a Contracts Lawyer and no, I do not have a boyfriend.”

    We talked about our travels and about our heritage as Gynarchy born girls. I told her about my upcoming trip to Bali and how me and Max are having a ‘Owner and Slave’ sex life. He still know his place, but twice a week we share a bed, and ‘no’ he doesn’t have his chastity taken off.

    One of the current controversies in the Gynarchy is quarter votes for men. That would mean that the men’s votes would be counted and then divided by four or five. I think it is a very bad idea, and to my relief so does Agnes.

    ”Thin end of the wedge. Once you have conceded a vote, however it is counted, then men can say they have a ‘vote.” It will never get through, but it is talked about by the intellectuals and left wingers in our Parliament.”

    Agnes told me she has a guy who she is going to ask to marry her, in the Gynarchy way of things. He is called Allan and is similar to Max in that he is very good looking, but a submissive sissy who asks her for permission to do anything.

    Whilst we were chatting Allan rang Agnes and asked if he could watch a soap which ended after his bedtime. She told him to be in his pj’s at 8.00 pm as the show starts and go to bed as soon as it finishes at 9.00 pm.

    Such a sweetie.

    It was great to meet up with Agnes and hear all her girlie news.


  7. ”Max, darling, let me explain something. ok?”


    ”Ow. Thank you ma’am. That cane hurts, goddess. Seven ma’am.”

    ”I told you on Monday that I was going out for a meal with my old friend James on Friday night. Did I tell you that, Max?”


    ”Ow. Thank you ma’am. Eight. Thank you. Yes, goddess, you did tell me about your date. ma’am.”

    ”Ok, well done. So why was my silvery bra and panties set not handwashed? Why was my blue dress not ironed and why did you lie and tell me all preparations were complete? Explain yourself, Max.”


    ”Ow. Thank you ma’am. Nine. OOOOhh! I did handwash your panty set but I thought you were going to wear your new green set, ma’am. I did iron your blue dress, it is so pretty ma’am. Why do you think I didn’t, ma’am?”


    ”Ow. Thank you ma’am. Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouch!!! Ten ma’am.”

    ”I need my panty sets all handwashed and clean at all times, you should know that. As for the blue dress, I meant the summery one with the large white daisies on, not the long one with light pink dots on, idiot. If you weren’t sure you should have ironed both.
    Now, worship my feet and kiss the cane.”

    Max did as he was told and learned a valuable lesson. I hope he did anyways. It has been a while since I needed to cane Max for an error. I don’t count his regular disciplinary canings.

    As it turned out it didn’t matter about the panty set as I wore my most comfy bra and non-matching panties on my date with James. I did wear my daisy blue dress, which is pretty but shows very little flesh.

    I like James, but he is not someone I would have sex with. He is kind and funny and good company, but that is as far as it goes. We had three lunch dates, and I haven’t returned any of his calls since. I may let him take me to the Opera next month, but he will need to be proactive and get the tickets soon, as they sell out. It is a Verdi opera and I want to go with someone nice. I guess I better tell him what I want, I know he can’t mind read. I like to play these games with guys, where I am unresponsive to his calls, but still want him to spend money on me.

    The caning has made me a bit sexy, I will take Max to my bed tonight. I may even take off his chastity.

    ”Max, I am going into the sun room, bring me a coffee and some of that lemon drizzle cake you made, good boy.”


  8. Christmas in the Girl's High School is always a fun time. The school has a Tree and some decorations. The sissy boy slaves (who act as our gofers and corridor monitors and are also pupils at the next door 'school for boys') are on their best behaviour because the consequences of a girl being upset or annoyed are very serious for them.

    I am eating in the canteen with my friends, we are talking about what we did at the week-end and our plans for Christmas.

    When we have finished our meals the boys clear away and tidy the area before returning to their school.

    The male teachers are nervous because they don't want to be on the bad side of a teen girl with raging hormones and issues around slaves and obedient compliance.

    We go into our Geography lesson with Mr Spinks. He is a cute guy of about mid-twenties and is an interesting and engaging teacher. He is supervised by Jane, a 19 year old woman who is his 'Named Female Enabler'. She is standing by the desk and so Mr Spinks is standing also.

    When we are all sat down and ready, Jane nods to Mr Spinks and then goes out of the class.

    ''Good morning ladies, hope you are all well this morning. Today we are reviewing your essays on the effects of climate change on coastal communities.''

    A red-haired girl called Petra puts her hand up.

    ''Are you gay, Mr Spinks?''

    We all laugh, but Mr Spinks looks worried. He must answer, but he knows this will lead to a discussion that he doesn't want to be part of. If he steers the class back to the topic in hand he will have gained some control.

    ''Well, Petra, ma'am, I am not gay. Please don't ask me questions like that again. Can we talk about coastal communities, please.''

    Petra: ''No need to be rude, Mr Spinks. Good boy for answering though. Well done.''

    ''Thanks...........'' Mr Spinks continued the class. When the lesson was complete he asked if he could speak to me and Petra. We are the most senior girls in the class and he must please us for a good report.

    ''Zoe, Petra, Goddesses, thank you for staying behind. I am sorry that I had to cut short your question, Miss Petra, but my private life is private. As you both know I am a sissy with a wife. Why did you ask if I am gay, Miss?''

    ''I just wanted to test you, Mr Spinks. You are generally a good boy, but I wanted to see if you would lose your temper. You did well.''

    ''One thing, Mr Spinks. You should be kneeling in front of us. We are standing, and so are you. That is impolite.''

    Mr Spinks quickly got onto his knees. It is polite for a man to be below a woman or girl at all times. At this point Jane came in and snapped her fingers.

    ''Are you ready for your next class, Mr Spinks?''

    ''Yes Miss, we have finished our chat. Thank you for your kind supervision.''

    And so we continued on our day.


  9. It is that time of year when I have a talk with Max and review his year as my sissy slave husband. It is a wifely duty, and I take it quite seriously. I check the 'Punishment Book' and the 'Review Book' to see if anything 'bad' stands out. It doesn't, Max has been attentive, obedient, cheerful and quiet.

    The main complaint I have had this year is that he worships my feet without being given permission. When I come home from a hot commute with my stinky feet he kneels by the front door and starts sniffing and kissing and worshipping. It is one of his main pleasures, but he forgets his other duties.He should help me out of my heels, take my coat, report anything I need to know about his day and greet me properly as his wife,owner and Responsible Female.

    I don't consider this is such a bad thing as it is sweet that he adores my feet, it is not something I will punish him for. I will, however, remind him it is not always convenient for me. I may not want my feet worshipped at that precise time.

    For the first time for a while I have not been dating much this year. I have had some nice outings with guys I met, but there has been no ''Master'' for Max to serve.

    Max has been 'maintenance caned' monthly, but only 'punishment caned' once ( I think he was slow to answer the buzzer to summon him to my bedroom). This is very good and I tell him I am pleased and that he should continue like this.

    Me and Max have slept together regularly, which has been fun and very sexy for me. He is so good with his tongue!

    He keeps his CB6000 on, so there is no penetration.

    I checked with my mummy and his mummy and sister but there were no complaints from them. So a good year all round.

    It please me when I don't have reason to punish dear Max.

    ''Good boy, Max. You have done well this year.''

    Happy holidays Servitor.


  10. Headmaster Bob came into our Maths Class with his Responsible Female, Chloe. He didn't usually enter a classroom as his job was in the Admin Block, where he worked for the Headmistress, Mrs Black.

    He is called Headmaster as a joke because males cannot be in a 'lead' position in the Gynarchy.

    ''May I speak to the girls, Miss?''

    ''I am in the middle of a lesson Bobby dear. This had better be important. OK, speak.''

    It wasn't either important or urgent. I think it was about parent's parking their SUV's near the school, or something like that. Our Maths teacher, Chloe Wainwright, wasn't happy and I suspect Headmaster Bob was later slapped. He deserves it, anyways.

    Later, as I walked down the corridor Headmaster Bob was walking towards me. As I approached he stopped, faced the wall and stayed still until I passed. As I walked by I slapped his bottie and told him to stay looking at the wall for the next hour.

    Life in this school is good, as the girls are in control.


  11. ''Max, can you check if anyone wants a drink. Good boy. Remember to curtsey, OK?''

    Max is busy in this week between Christmas and New Year. The caterers have gone, so he is the sole provider of meals and snacks and feet worship services. He is a good cook and enjoys the praise of our guests. We had 14 guests for Christmas dinner, but 6 of them have now gone home.

    There were no incidences over the holiday, everyone was happy and Max got a lot of praise for being a ''good boy.'' That really pleased me as it shows I run an efficient house.

    I allowed Max to be in the TV room as we watched the Christmas films. He was mainly kissing and sniffing feet, but he could hear the TV. Aunt Lillian was serviced with Max sniffing and licking her 72 year old ''pussy.'' She really enjoys that and Max is so good at it.

    My sister and my mom also enjoyed Max's ministrations. When it was quiet you could hear the slurping and swallowing sounds as we all chatted about the latest family gossip, the work gossip and the female aches and pains,the joys of being a woman and the cost of keeping sissy slaves.

    It is getting quite expensive, but Max is fed maise and rice mainly, with cabbage and left overs from my plate too. Our GP says he is fit for a sissy, who are often weak and poorly.

    The guys ignored him, except when they wanted more wine or a beer. They were quite off hand with him, as if he was letting the side down somehow. They didn't complain, however, when he obediently did as he was told.

    ''Max can you help Helen and Tom to pack and do as they say, OK?'' Helen is my younger sister, Tom her Alpha free man.

    ''Yes, ma'am. The dinner is in the oven, just a bit of veggie prep to do.''

    Later, Max was carrying 2 suitcases and Helen's handbag down the stairs and out to their Range Rover.

    What a good boy.


  12. Thank you, Alberto, you are sweet.

    Max loves to be among superior women. My sister, Helen, enjoyed his licking skills. She would ‘claim’ him as we settled to watch trachy Christmas TV. He was under her long skirt and enjoying her pussy as soon as we all sat down and relaxed.

    I smiled as Helen teased her Alpha husband, Tom, and he looked quite jealous. One of the very few times Max has had another man (or rather a ‘real man’) feel he would like to be in his place.

    Sissy slaves are there to serve all the women, so I reluctantly said to Helen that there are others with ‘needs’. She was happy to sure and tapped Max on the back and told him to go to some other lady.

    Max came over to me, but I pointed at my mom, and told him to go to her. My mom sat back and allowed Max to kiss her feet and worship them. He did the same for Jane and Martha, my cousins and his mom and Aunt Lillian. Kissing and sniffing and enjoying the sights and smells of women’s feet.

    I allowed Max to remain after his usual bedtime as everyone needed serving with drinks and snacks. After a while I called him over to me and made a fuss.

    ”Good sissy, what a good boy you are honey. Sit by my feet and be quiet for a while, OK? Good boy!!”

    Max had a busy time and enjoyed looking after the 12 of us. 8 of those were female, so many feet and many ‘pussies’ and smelly bottoms to adore and worship and lick and sniff and be allowed near.

    What a good boy!!!


  13. Happy New Year!!

    I spent the new year in Gynarchy City. I went on a short break on my own, to visit family and friends. I love the Gynarchy in January, with all the Camelia out and the fruit trees in pink blossom. I arranged for my sister to stay at my house and cucksit my sissy husband, Max.

    He was such a good boy over Christmas, lovely boy.

    I stayed with my mother's younger sister, Amelia, my aunt. Her slave is getting old now, but was attentive and obedient.
    Amelia is a businesswoman of much fame who owns and manages a group of companies called 'The Lemon Tree Group'. There are manufacturing companies, property companies and even agricultural companies in the group.

    As I was sitting on the large patio area one morning, having my breakfast after Amelia left for the office, her sissy slave, Martin, came and knelt by my side. He is now in his late fifties, but still a good boy and I allowed him to stay for a while.

    He was facing in the same direction as I was and I stroked his long hair and said how 'good' he was. He isn't allowed to speak without permission, so he nodded politely.

    I noticed there were red marks on his back from a previous whipping. I wondered what he had done. Maybe he was naughty in some way, or maybe Amelia felt the need to impose her will on him.

    After a while I went and had a shower and headed into town to meet with a few of my school friends for coffee and catch-up. They are all successful in their careers and we had fun talking about our lives.

    The girls were interested in life in the UK with Max. How it worked to live the gynarchy lifestyle in a western free,liberal democracy.I explained that Max knows nothing of the UK, but only about service and obedience to me.

    The servers in the coffee shop were all men, and were attentive and helpful. It was a good 'gynarchy' experience.

    I am still in the Gynarchy and will fly home next week.

    I saw the new year in by sitting with Amelia in her extensive garden and watching the firework display across the river at the bottom of her property.

    It is always spectacular and we 'oohed' and 'aahed' as the display became more and more beautiful.


    2 January 2024

  14. I was at school, walking in the playground by the tennis courts when I saw a first year girl, called Angie, smack a male teacher. This is not that unusual but the teacher was one of the older males (about 45 or 46) and was crying.

    ''What is going on Angie? Why are you smacking Mr Cowley?''

    ''Hi Zoe, he was, like, being a creep. You know how these old guys are dontcha?''

    ''Yes, but it is unusual to punish without a female teacher or Named Woman here to supervise. You can't just smack a teacher, Angie, you know that.''

    ''Do I? Do I know that, Zoe?''

    ''Cowley, get up and go to your next class, please. You are making an awful scene and so I will be speaking to your Named Female. Who is that by the way, boy?''

    ''If it pleases you, Miss Zoe, my Named Female is Princess Alison. I have a review meeting with her now, actually. So sorry I upset you, Princess Angie.''

    Cowley hurried away. I will report what happened to Alison, who I know quite well. As Angie started to walk away I spoke to her.

    ''Angie, what happened?''

    ''Well, Zoe, I was, like, walking to the tennis court for a lesson when old Cowley walked past me without curtsying or waiting for me to tell him to 'carry on'. It was so annoying I lost it. Am I in trouble, Zoe?''

    ''OK. No, you are not in trouble. Just follow the rules, honey. You should have spoken about what happened to Alison. She would decide on a punishment, or an apology. Understand? Otherwise any girl could lash out and hit any male without a good reason. That would cause the males to be too fearful to do anything and the girls with too much early responsibility.''

    ''I understand. Got it. Report the sissy old guy. Got it. Actually that would be better than making myself late for tennis. Thanks Zoe. Bye.''

    ''Bye honey,''


  15. This is a very interesting question.

    Legally in the Gynarchy, a Free man is designated free at birth. This means his mother, only women can do this, applies to the Department of Home Affairs for him to be free.

    A mother can only apply once, which means if she has more than one baby boy they will be designated as ‘slaves’ or ‘sissy slaves’.

    As the Free man grows up he will go to a Free Boys School and be taught the same subjects as girls. At age 11 he will take an exam which will determine whether he remains free of becomes a slave. Most boys pass, as the investment in them is so high. He will go on to Further Education to become a qualified worker, in a profession or trade.

    Free men do not have the same rights as women, they cannot own property, they cannot vote, they cannot be out alone after the curfew, they must have a Named Female as their guardian and trustee.

    They can only marry with the permission of their Named Female.

    A Sissy man is owned by a Named Female and has the same restrictions as Free men, plus they can be bought and sold. They must obey the rules of the house where they serve and can only speak or give an opinion if allowed by the females in the house.

    Sissy men are trained from secondary school to follow a budget, to cook, clean, wash, iron, food shop and be obedient to any female whatever age.

    If a sissy is married, and many are such as my husband, Max, they are responsible for the running of the house.

    They can only work part time under the supervision of a Named Female.

    A sissy also is trained to worship women, to kiss and lick and sniff as she pleases. He will be fitted with a CB6000 chastity device from the age of 18 and not be allowed to have any intercourse unless the Named Female allows.

    So, legally, a Free man is different to a Sissy man in respect of the work he can do, the relationship he has with women and the freedom he has make his own decisions, limited though these decisions are and with the need for the approval of his Named Female.

    If a sissy has children, either his own or the result of his wife’s affairs with other men, he must bring then up in the way of the Gynarchy.

    If he has female children, he is of lower status than they are. Whilst they are young they must follow the instructions and loving parenting he gives, under the permission of their mother.

    As they grow older whilst they must do as he say they will be able to refer his decisions to their mother for confirmation and approval. She will decide if his instruction wa sin line with his guidelines or not. Mostly she will approve his decision, because he is under her rule and is doing as she wants.

    Later the daughter may be able to give orders to her father.

    To suggest to her mother any punishments she deems necessary for wrongdoing and to be treated as a princess by her father. (Roughly this would be from about her 12th birthday).

    When the daughter reaches 18 she is in full control of her sissy slave father and can treat him accordingly.

    Hope this clarifies for you.


  16. I was sitting in a very long, boring geography lesson. The teacher, Mr Brook, droned on and on about ox-bow lakes and glaciers and such. I noticed every now and then he looked over to his Responsible Female. Alison, for her nod of approval.

    I was in a naughty mood and so I decided to ask a silly question.

    ”Yes Zoe, what is it.”

    ”Are you a virgin, Mr Brook?”

    ”Zoe, don’t ask silly questions. Ask about the subject, noy about me. OK?”

    ”Don’t you need Alison’s permission to refuse to answer? I think it is interesting to know about our teachers. Especially the male ones. We are all girls, so we don’t know how boys or men ‘tick’. Know what I mean?”

    There was a distinct sound of girls suppressing giggles and laughter at this. At least it put some spark into the lesson. We all looked to see what Alison would say.

    Alison: ”Mr Brooks, just answer yes or no. No need to be ‘silly’ is there?”

    ”But, Alison, it is not relevant to anything whether I am a virgin or not, surely?”

    ”Yes or no. Boy!!!”

    ”No Miss Zoe, I am not a virgin, OK?”

    The lesson continued.


  17. I was in bed with my sissy husband, Max, when he asked me if we could go and have a coffee in the new Sissy Cafe in town. It was a Saturday, and I thought that might be fun.

    I have spent the last 2 months in Singapore on business and I haven't seen Max much, except via Facetime. He had my mom stay to look after him. She told me he has been a good boy. I am pleased.

    The cafe is busy, but we get a seat and the waiter comes over. Waiters in these cafes are so obviously sissies and quite camp in there way.

    ''Ma'am, I am Adam and I am your waitperson today. Here is the usual menu, would your sissy like the sissy menu?''

    ''Sure, honey. Do you have any specials?''

    ''We have fish fingers with fries, baby burgers with sparkles and sissy sized tuna bake. I'll let you guys choose, OK?''

    ''Anything you fancy,Max dear?''

    ''cheese salad, please goddess. I do like this place. Didn't know there were so many sissies around, honestly!''

    We chatted about my business trip and how my mom spoiled him. She let him watch TV soaps and cuddled him and let him kiss her smelly old feet. He had a good time.

    ''Ma'am, may I have a coffee, please?''

    ''Sure, honey. Call the waitperson over.''

    Coffee is a treat for Max, he usually has weak tea or water.

    When we got home I went to my garden office, whilst Max started his chores. We had fun at the cafe.


  18. I was in a tutorial with my maths professor at Gynarchy University. I was doing well and was on track for a 'First'.

    Jack Brent is a sweet man, who is a very good teacher and a sweet sissy.

    We were discussing algebra as a metaphor for life. I noticed Jack was staring at my tanned legs as I crossed them.

    ''Professor, my face is up here. I think you need some corner time. Go and stand with your nose against the wall, NOW!!!''

    Professor Jack got up and curtsied. He then went and did as he was told whilst I poured myself a coffee.

    ''You are a silly boy, Jack. You need to be more polite,OK?''

    ''Yes, Miss Zoe. Sorry Miss Zoe. May I reschedule this tutorial? I need to prepare for my lecture this afternoon.''

    ''No. Stay where you are I will speak to your Named Female about this, it is Sarah isn't it?''

    ''Yes Miss Zoe. Her number is on the whiteboard.''

    ''Hi Sarah, it's Zoe Sullivan. Hi. I'm with Prof Jack and have had to give him some wall contemplation time,but I need to go soon. Can you pop in and supervise him please? I think he needs another hour. Pardon? Oh, he was more interest in staring at my legs than discussing algebra. I know. Sissies are so stupid. Thanks, Sarah. Bye. Bye.''

    ''Sarah's coming by, Jack. Stay where you are OK?''

    Sarah came in and we chatted for a while, completely ignoring Professor Jack standing with his nose against the wall.

    As I went out the door I said goodbye to Professor Jack as I heard Sarah tell him off and smack his face.

    I never feel sorry for sissies, they deserve all their little pink girlie selves get to be honest.


  19. University life in the Gynarchy is very good for a woman. Men sometimes attend lectures but they are not allowed to answer questions. Sometimes the female lecturers will ask a boy what he thinks the answer is toa question, but he is not expected to know.

    ''OK, Derek, good boy. That was a very good attempt at an answer but I suggest you be quiet now. The girls need to concentrate.''

    When there is a male lecturer there is always a Named Responsible Female on stage at a desk. Sometimes they intervene if they think the male is going off message or is talking too long.

    ''Excuse me Mr Bennet. Please don't do that. Keep to the subject, please. You asked Miss Jameson a question and then proceeded to talk about your holiday to illustrate why she was not correct. That is boring, Mr Bennet. Please apologise to the students and stay quiet for a time. Good sissy!''

    ''But I am lecturing on the subject of quadriplegic equations, how do I keep quiet, Miss Rebecca. Sorry Miss.''

    ''Don't give me back chat, sissy. Just apologise then close the class. Remember to thank all the young ladies for attending and listening to you.''

    ''I am sorry class. I was wrong to tell the story about my time in Margate. I am so sorry Miss Jameson, if you want me to be punished then please speak to me after the class. Thank you ladies for attending, I am very pleased you attended. See you next week, when we will be looking at some higher mathematics including algebraic languages.''

    ''Good sissy. Oh, here comes Miss Jameson. Please kneel in front of her. Don't dare look at her pretty legs boy.''

    ''Mr Bennet, I don't need you to be punished. I think you know you did wrong. Just don't speak to me in that way again. OK?''

    I enjoy the lectures by Bennet. He knows a lot about his subject and is a good communicator. The problem he has is that it is always dangerous when girls are in charge. He sometimes forgets his place, but his NRF, Rebecca, rules very strictly.

    Happy days.


  20. There were two news reports from the Gynarchy recently which caused a lot of comment in the western press.

    The first concerned a woman who whipped her foot boy so severely that he was hospitalized. The wretch had been worshipping his Named Females feet as she kissed her boyfriend. The guy said something amusing and she laughed.

    The problem was the sissy laughed too.

    ''How dare you laugh at a joke a superior has made. You will be whipped for that sissy''.

    In the gynarchy this was reported as an amusing end piece on news bulletins, most felt sympathy with the woman and understood why she was so upset. Some would say that she ran a household where discipline was lacking.

    My friends often make jokes and Max, my sissy husband, would never join in laughter, he know the consequences of such rudeness.

    The second incident was a report of a fire at a shoe factory where only the females who were injured were mentioned in the news report. 92 men died in the fire!

    The news report said, ''Today there was a fire at a shoe factory in River City in the northern province of the Gynarchy. Three women had minor injuries and they were all treated at the scene. The factory will be closed for some time as repairs are made. In other news......''

    Many in the Gynarchy were shocked that this report had caused such widespread comment in the West.

    A governnmet spokeswoman issued this statement:
    ''We don't comment on subhuman sissy slaves who work with us in factories, shops and offices. Our viewers are mostly women of high status and they do not want or need to be informed about the plight of the lower species. It was reported in the print media that several workers died, unfortunately. Our thoughts and prayers go with their Named Responsible Females at this time. A slave buying exercise will begin soon to replace the workers who died.''

    When I read these two reports I didn't think either were controversial. It would have surprised me and most of my friends if they were reported in any other way.
    Happy days in the Gynarchy.


  21. ''Honey, what is the matter? Have you been crying? I really don't have time for this in the morning. I need to catch a train into town. Tell me what happened?''

    Max, my sissy slave husband had a call on his cell from his brother, Archie. He is a Surgeon, on vacation from New Zealand for a month, and he had some tickets to go to the cinema to see the latest action movie 'Polite Society'.

    It's about an aspiring stuntwoman who's determined to save her older sister from marrying into the "perfect" family and is full of epic fight scenes and comments on modern dating.

    Why is Max so upset. Sounds kind of his brother to think of him when his latest date let him down.

    ''I knew you wouldn't let me see such a 'male' movie, ma'am. When I told Archie he mocked me and called me a sissy wimp.''

    ''Aww poor baby. I will speak to Archie, it is not fair to expect you to see a film like that. You wouldn't 'get it' now would you. Good boy, dry your eyes, your mascara will run. I will suggest a nice 'rom com' OK?''

    I had to go off to work, over coffee I told my PA, Emily, what had happened. She is very sympathetic and is very good with Max. He is a wimp, a sissy, a beta male,but he is also loyal and kind and tries his very best to be a good sissy.

    ''Do you let Max go to the cinema? I suppose you take him to matinee showings, huh?''

    I don't really take Max out much. I see him every day and I need to keep strict discipline, a treat like the cinema could send all the wrong messages to the poor lamb.

    I rang Archie and asked him to apologise to dear Max. After all it is not his fault that I wouldn't allow such an outing for Max.

    He is so influenced he could come home and try to be an 'alpha' type man. That would result in a severe caning,which is not what I want.

    I don't think Archie understood at all, but he agreed to speak to Max and be kinder.

    I told him I would agree to a 'Bollywood' movie or a 'rom com', but he needs to get my OK.

    Archie agreed, and so next week, when I am away in Edinburgh on a conference, he will take Max to see 'Rye Lane' with his girlfriend, Leah.

    Max hasn't cried for weeks, he is such a good sissy.