Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Power and the Glory

For ever and ever.  Awomen.

There'll be plenty of things to discuss later, though.  How very, very sorry you are, for example.

Anne Hathaway spanks oh my!
The divine Miss Hathaway again.  I'd like to write her a thank-you note for existing.

Lesbian wife has cute new girlfriend
Seems nice.  Let's hope this one doesn't insist on your sleeping on the floor in the kitchen.  Like the last two.

Not just a pretty face
And don't forget to laugh at her joke, every time she makes it in front of a new client.  Keep that smile on!

Nurses accidentally domme a man or possibly two men
I think Nurse Collins is the one on the right, but that's just my opinion and it's quite worthless.

**Update.  Well for some reason (probably technical incompetence) I can't seem to comment on my own blog today, so I'll take this opportunity to thank Ralph D for his comments.  I'm glad you don't mind my using a picture found on your site.  It works the other way too, of course, so help yourself!  We're in agreement about Anne Hathaway too (and Marie Louise Parker... and what a good idea, I've got a few more pictures of her around here somewhere).  I think it's the eyes.  You just fall in and are lost.  Have you seen the Tim Burton film of Alice in Wonderland?  If not, you must.  Anne as an ethereal White Queen apparently innocent of all the world, but actually scheming and manipulative.  Lovely.  Sadly, it's her sister the Red Queen who actually behaves like a dominatrix ("pig!").

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