Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sincerely hers

Goodness, it's ages since I wrote a story.  I feel greatly refreshed.

Anyway, back to the captioned images of female domination.

Now say Ggggggghhh for me
The frantic begging for mercy can get a bit tiresome too.  Why can't they just shut up and let her get on with it?

Eat the yummy leaves slave
See how he's allowed to use his hands and that little brush?  I think she's too soft on him.

A slaves work is never done
Actually, a lie-in would have been nice.  Never mind.  Maybe next year.

Dommes little collection
I don't know where she finds them.  Looking at her, I suspect the answer might be "everywhere".

So there's nothing to worry about
You need to build trust here.  Try offering her something, something you value greatly.

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  1. Ouch! That "sleep in to 11" post... ooh!! Painful!