Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another rather unimaginative headline featuring femdom captions

With a big hello to search engines from all over.

Now, after a headline like that, I suppose there had better be some captioned images of female domination, hadn't there?

But also more enjoyable for her.  There's always an upside.

Look away now please
So with this one I - ow! - excuse me, I was just - OOH! - I'm sorry, I really...ohhhh that hurts!...need to move on to the next.  No caption here.

Lesbian tease
OW!  No better!

It still rhymes with hickory switch
Right.  Think calm thoughts.  It's funny - we give our cat the stuff in tins as a treat, and the dry biscuity stuff for normal food.  So when my wife makes me eat the contents of one of the tins, I guess both me and the cat are unhappy about it.

Be afraid of your wife
Isn't it an awful feeling?  When you just know you're going to have an argument. But all arguments end, you know that too.  And you'll be a better husband for it, after all.

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