Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thou shalt not

Not without permission anyway.

Cinderellas twin domme sisters oh my
And they all lived happily - oh no, hang on, no they didn't.

Bunny girl dominatrix...always wanted to type that phrase
I think it's great when husband and wife can work together.  But don't expect her to help out with the housework - remember who's bringing home the big bucks in this relationship.  She earns more money, too.

Cruel dominant lesbian wife...what's not to like?
A G5?  A G5 airplane?

I expect its perfectly safe
You have to time it right.  Best to work up to it in stages, taking him a little further each time until that IQ's just down where you like it.

She's not going to lick it off you know.
You need to learn to respect her rights.  Or just respect her.


  1. Wow another lovely set. I like Anna Friel!

  2. I like Anna Friel too! I liked her even when I didn't know she was Anna Friel. That's how much I like Anna Friel!

  3. The third one down of the women in the airplane is one of your best and cleverest captions