Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not very good at this either

This blogging thing, I mean.  I've been trying to create a slideshow, but I just can't get it up (oh, on the blog for goodness sake, calm down, this isn't a Carry On movie!).

So...using Powerpoint I've made a tiny, really poor quality movie that readers with good eyesight (the minority of you, by now I would imagine) might enjoy.  Then after the break, below, I've posted each of the pictures in sequence and you can achieve an animated effect using the magic of scrolling.

Oh yes - and I know she changes her clothes and background from one shot to the next.  I haven't got that many photos of her that I can do the whole thing from one photoshoot, you know!

This works really well as a PowerPoint slideshow.  So if anyone knows how to post that, just let me know...

Pics below the break
















  1. this was amazing love all your work but especially when it inolves Anne Hathaway

  2. So do I. I mean her. Oh, you know.