Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Safe words

"Sorry" is usually fairly safe, I find.


"Yes Mistress" is generally quite harmless too...

Not sure I know of any others.

Breakfast whipping
Another day, another, err...

Femdom gender sensitivity training
I used to think it was a load of nonsense, but then I went on a gender sensitivity course and was surprised to discover just how sensitive parts of my body could become.

Oh dear femdom scat
I have nothing to say.

Remote control slave
Isn't technology wonderful?  Just a few fingers swiped across this simple device and all the household chores are done and there's an extra €10,000 in her bank account.  Amazing. 

Lovingly bruised by Mistress
Nothing wrong with a few visible signs of a good healthy loving relationship.

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  1. may i request Mistress Soo-Lin to let me pee? i want that i am on Her list to be controlled: