Tuesday, December 25, 2012

In the bleak midwinter

It's Christmas!  Get on with your chores!

The divine Ms Haberman.  Could you possibly want anything else for Christmas?  Could you?  Oh.  Well, you can't.

Christmas chastity
Not that "we" get much say in the matter.

OK, rather a bleak caption for Christmas I suppose... but remember - it's Christmas for him, too.  He just doesn't know it.

Silenced femdom slave
You'll have to apologise to your wife when you next see her, for suspecting her of such an evil plan.  Maybe in sign language.

Divine Anne
I have no idea who that is, but I hate him with a burning passionate envy that I can barely express.  Ahem.


  1. Steve Carell is the man you hate. He was in the movie 'Get Smart' with Ms Hathaway. Fairly famous on this side of the pond, thanks to his lead role in the US remake of The Office (he played the Ricky Gervais character).


  2. I'm sure he doesn't properly appreciate her.... sniff.