Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dommestic violence

More of the usual kind of thing follows this short announcement.

Femdom bride is ready
Just go along with it.  In a few hours, you'll be married and then I expect we'll find out who's really in charge!

Savage femdom beatings
Try hard.  Think of plastic ducks and teddie bears.  And next time - if you survive - try to click the right fucking box, OK?

Femdom games
He's losing.

Literary pretensions
Normally, I want to make clear, I write all the captions featured on this site.  But this is by someone else.  There's actually quite a lot of his work featured on the web, if you like it.

I'm sure you do.  Or you will.


  1. Hello!
    I'm 22 yo submissive. Unfortunately, so far, I didnt find owner who would train me. I had gf but she wasnt really into Femdom. Right now my only touch with femdom is my imagination and (awesome) sites like Yours. Is it possible that Youw ould make one of Your great captions to a photo I will send You? And, even if you don't want to do that, is it possible to contact Yu somehow? I think I could use some advices about being submissive from You.

    With regards, Adam

    1. Hello Adam

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad you enjoy the blog. I'd rather not make direct contact if you don't mind - I just like to keep this blog and everything else in my life quite separate. I'm not sure I could imagine how to give anyone advice on being submissive anyway - even if my captions are occasionally about fearsome situations, in session I am a total wimp thrashing around and begging for mercy, while bored dommes pretend they are being quite hard on me with little taps of the cane...

      If you can find a way of uploading photos I'll have a look, but I can't usually think of a clever caption to any given photo. I usually have an idea then look through my collection (which is pretty huge) to find the right picture, although sometimes the picture inspires it. The lady in the fourth picture just seemed to be declaiming Shakespeare, for example.

      best wishes