Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New boy

It's, erm… Roger isn't it?

'Robin!’ Yes of course. Well, Robin, I'm sorry I haven't been around much on your first day. Busy, busy. Everyone treating you OK?

Great. Do come to me if anything’s worrying you, OK? My door’s always open, even to the most junior boy on the team.

Listen, Roger, I want you to know that I’m not one of those bosses who thinks only women can do the important jobs, OK? I'm very keen to give boys a chance. Boys can do very well in this company – and they brighten the place up, too! Anyway, I’m totally opposed to sexism and discrimination in the workplace, OK? Everybody in the team is worthy of respect for who they are. Even boys. Especially boys.

So don't take this the wrong way. But you could maybe dress a bit more… smartly, hmm? Maybe show yourself off to a bit more advantage. A nice pair of smart white shorts, for example. Not too baggy – maybe even a size or too smaller than the trousers you're wearing. Nice close fit…

Great. I'm sure you'll get on very well here Roger. Sorry – I mean Robin, don't I? Robin. Must remember that.

Now – how about a cup of tea for the boss? Milk and a sweetener.

Thanks Roger.


  1. Dammit roger... i think your Mom went too easy on you if at this age you're still not able to dress properly for the job.

    1. Oh, lots of boys enter the workforce unprepared for office life these days. She regards bringing them up to the mark as part of the job, actually. Do you know, she's had interns who don't know how to wash period stains out of a pair of panties? I mean, how do they think they're going to get on in today's increasingly competitive world of business if they don't have even these basic skills?

  2. Hmm . . . while its not bad, it does feel a little repetitive. You've done the female boss suggesting the new guy dress sexier before. I'd like to see some different scenes from such a work place, possibly the pranks the women play on the new employee, or what happens at happy hour, when everyone heads out for a drink after work.

    1. I do occasionally wonder whether I can get away with repeating the same theme. Evidently not; someone out there is paying attention. Damn.

    2. i quite like your ones that are also about race, as it add a another twist to it, you did some on china (being a powerhouse) so had Asian women in charge of western guys. try something like that again could even bring the world cup into it (wife is Argentinian , husband is English etc).

  3. You can repeat to your hearts content as I find the subject of work place Female Supremacy heart warming. I think Female workers should be able to vote on what male employees wear and that there should be "a dressing down Friday".

    This would consist of critiques by Women of males and a jolly good telling off along with their being kept naked on a Friday.