Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The end - and a beginning

So, due to a change in Google's policies, this blog will not be posting new content from now on and from March 23rd will be closed. 

I will start putting new content on Tumblr, where up until now I have been cross-posting some of the material I put up here. That will become the main blog, in effect, although the way I post might be a little different (at first I will just be putting up a daily captioned image, while I think about how better to use the format). 

Now, about the old stuff.

Google seem to be saying that this current blog will remain in existence but will be 'closed' - visible only to me and invited guests.  It will not be updated, but if you would like to retain access to it, as an archive, I understand you have to ask to be invited, providing an email address. Please go ahead and ask - I will invite anyone who wants to be invited.  I have set up an email address for requests for invitations and it is:

Letmecontemplate[squirly at sign]

Just put something in the subject line saying that's what it is (I probably won't reply, if it's just a request).  I won't issue any invitations until after the blog is closed by Google on March 23rd, and I find out how to do that, but by all means put in a request whenever you like. 

Don't forget that you can read most of the stories in free books available on Scribd, using the links to the right there.  I'll get around to putting together the remaining stories as a third volume some time (but the more recent ones aren't as good anyway).

I will also try to put the old captioned images somewhere more accessible.   I have about 2000 and uploading them to Tumblr seems like a lot of work. Is there a reasonably kink-friendly image sharing site that would be easy to use? 

And I hope to see you all on Tumblr!

Best wishes, thank you all for reading and commenting and taking part in the fantasy. 



  1. Have Luck,
    I'm not sure, but maybe deviantart.
    A geeky option would bes scripting. So write a scrpt that uploads any picture from a given location into own tumblr posts.
    I'm not sure how to do thar. But I'm concerned that it is possible.
    A serious issue is then the dasboard of your followers...
    2000 pictures today... so what else happened.
    Well I think you will manage this.

    1. So I've read a bit into the api from tumblr.
      It is possible to use a script language and let it post stuff into your blog.
      If you are interested i could look what I can do for you. And maybe other blogger users who have to head over to new tides now.
      Mail me on tumblr:

    2. Thank you, for the advice and the kind offer. I am still looking at options, as I am not sure that putting everything up onto Tumblr in a massive upload is really what I want. Also, I want to learn a bit more about Tumblr first.

      And who knows - maybe Google will back down. There is quite a lot of fuss about this, out there. Let me see how it goes, anyway. I will still have access to the blog, so there's no urgency.

      But it's very kind of you to offer to help like this.

  2. check out mistress marie and her slave. She set up over at fetblogger with fetlife.

  3. So sorry, but i'll continue to follow you on tumblr. (Just saw the latest--who is that unfathomably beautiful goddess with the "good hard ball-spanking immediately after every orgasm" caption?)

    1. Thank you. Remarkably, she is from a sewing patterns web site Now, I don't want you to think I go trawling around such web sites. With me it's just straight up-and-down femdom - nothing weird about me! So I probably got it from tumblr (there's one called Greyship that is the most likely candidate).

      Even more remarkably, most of the ladies illustrating their women's sewing patterns are rather lovely, and many of them are striking precisely that cool, slightly contemptuous pose, that just makes me want to give them a good, long... caption. So - I'm off to do some downloading!

    2. Sewing patterns...hmmm...guess i've got a new fetish....certainly won't be my weirdest one....