Tuesday, May 26, 2015

See what's on the slahhhb

I see you shiver with contemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmplation!

Ah, were would we be without Mistress Eleise de Lacey, eh? I mean, my sheets would be a lot cleaner, just for a start.
Yes, that would work.
Goodness, there she is again.  How does she do that? Unless she has a twin...
If the examining officer can still bend her elbow, the search isn't complete.
Oh, sometimes one should just give in to temptation.


  1. I always read your blog and today I realused I never thanked you. So niw I thank you for the interesting captions.


    1. Until today I hadn't realised you'd never thanked me, either, appy, so no harm done there.

      Thank you for commenting... despite being a big fan of contempt and humiliation, I do very much enjoy receiving positive feedback!

  2. I think the trauma induced memory loss is from a spell in a camp for looking at a Woman in a funny way. Well it was only 2 years and he wasn't castrated as eh might have been if he had told a sexist joke. Great thing is the nurse could get him sent back to the camp and he would never remember having been released to serve another 2 years and another and another. Femsup