Saturday, June 27, 2015

Too late to reconsider

(no one's gonna wanna know yer... trigger warning: vanilla video unrelated to femdom)

It took him ages to get her interested in golf, you know.

Men can be such drama queens.  Getting upset over the littlest things.
Oh, OK.  As long as I know. Thanks.
What a sad little caption.  Sad little servitor wrote it.
Press them but not mount them.


  1. Fantasticly inventive with the pressed flowers and the caged birthday boy. I though it cruel and erotic just thinking him locked up all that time and then the ascent into the cruelty stratosphere with the taking away the ball until his next birthday. Just didn't see that coming. I don't think we will see him coming either.


    1. "I don't think we will see him coming either."

      Ah - very good, very good! I'll have to use that one some time.

      Glad you liked them. I wish I'd never written the 'taking his ball away one' - it genuinely does make me feel rather sad! But having had the idea, I wasn't ever going to forget it, so I thought I might as well spread the misery among my loyal readership.

      Keep coming (back).