Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Really? Oh my god!  That must have been, like, so embarrassing!  Hey - you know, the same thing happened to my brother?  When he was 15?  Mom walked in just when he was… well, actually you know, just when he was finishing if you know what I mean!  And he couldn’t stop so it happened right there in front of her!

Yeah. He was pretty embarassed about that!
Mom was kinda strict too. Especially about that kind of stuff.  She paddled him so hard he could hardly sit down for days.  Made him read out the bits of the bible about the 'sin of Onan' while she did it.

Yeah?  Your mom paddled you too?  What, with a big wooden paddle?  Ooooh – that must have hurt.

So when did all this happen?

About 25 minutes ago?




I just…I dunno, thought maybe it was when you were a teenager or something… and, erm…

Hey!  You know, what I just suddenly remembered?  I can’t go tonight! I promised my friend Becky I’d help her with her hair.  I am so sorry!

What?  ‘Where does Becky live’?  Oh… well, hey, where do you live?

OK.  It’s right the other direction from there.

I hope you liked that.  I just wanted to warn regular readers that the next posting, due on Friday, is going to be a bit of a change of theme for this blog, as it will feature female submission.  Obviously, that's not something that everyone who reads Contemplating the Divine will be into, so I just wanted to warn you as I don't want to offend anyone.  Maybe it's a mid-life crisis, maybe it's something else, but it's just a theme I feel I want to explore at this stage in my sexual journey and I've tried my hand a few captioned images.  Anyway, if you're broadminded enough, come along and see what you think!



  1. Thank you, Servitor, that you share with us your mid-life crisis fantasy! Female submission? Ok! It's also interesting! And we shall transform it if we need.:)

    1. Crisis over, thanks Alex. Transform away, into Russian or whatever else takes your fancy!

  2. My Goddess
    by Bill Turner

    You possess the beauty of all the worlds' wonders
    It radiates from your delicate skin
    Shining in the light of your eyes
    Flowing through your hair, like the river of life
    Your beauty is projected in all that you do

    You have the grace of all the angels in heaven
    Your friendships are deep and true
    Your love is pure and real
    Your movements are that of an angel
    Your grace is bestowed upon those in your life

    You are strong like the mountains
    Able to withstand the storms of life
    Turning a blind eye to the coldest of life's winters
    Constant renewal in your eternal spring
    Green grass and wild flowers your destiny

    Your wisdom is that of the divine universe
    Able to see beyond the immediate
    Devouring the knowledge of the past
    Improving the present, bettering the future
    All the while taking care of those in your life

    Being in your presence fills my heart with joy
    When you speak, I hear the sound of angels singing
    All that you are is what I hoped to be
    The greatest gift, your love to me
    A lifetime I shall take, returning that love to thee

    ☻ ☻ ☻

    Oh my Goddess,

    Servitor has lost the right way,
    please, save him, bring him back to us.


    1. Godness, 57, it looks as if you're starting the official church of the Goddess Divine. Today's lesson is taken from the Book of Chores, Chapter Tuesday, beginning to read at verse 1.

      I saw the light, as you'll see if you go to the next post.