Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Abjective reality

He could try offering her all his money.  Oh hang on - he did that already.

Gender sensitivity training.  I've tried and I am very sensitive indeed to women's concerns.  But that doesn't mean I wouldn't benefit from further instruction, obviously.

Medical research has shown that male impotence can arise from many quite sepaarte causes.  Failure to leave out the bins on rubbish day, addressing your wife in an impertinent manner - even ironing a blouse badly can lead to weeks or even months of being completely unable to sustain an erection.

My domme uses my real name in session these days, but only after she made me change it legally to "Maggotdick".
 The lady pictured here contemplating Colin's immediate future is of course the Divine Mistress Heather.  Have I ever mentioned that that she once - oh, did I?  OK, then I won't mention it again this time.

No... no problem at all. I'll just get my coat...

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