Friday, January 12, 2018

Points of turning

Turning points.  Mild.  Vaguely suggestive.  Not explaining it again.


  1. Thank You, Servitor! The headline of the post is "I mean" ! Nice!

    1. Ah yes, that is a bit of a theme, isn't it? Makes a change from "Well..." and "Darling?" - other words I over-use.

  2. Always a fan of these. I particularly like the imaginative recovered memories one. Great final line to that!

    (Apologies if two comments show up here. It seemed to eat my previous comment).


    1. Thank you Paltego

      I think in all my past lives I've been a blogger posting captioned images of female domination. This is the first time the Internet has actually existed to make that a reality for me, so it's all very exciting. And much assisted of course by traffic and enthusiasm from Femdom Resource.

      All the best


      PS - I like these ones too.
      PPS - No it really did eat the previous one. But then I've had problems on your blog occasionally. I think the Ladies who really run the Internet don't want the two of us to talk.