Tuesday, May 22, 2018


And when she's sure she makes sure you're sure.

Giving until it hurts.

He is now.

Well, I hate being whipped, so I can see a difference of opinion there that won't be easy to resolve.  Still, better not tell her. It'll only make her cross.

They're already planning a sequel.  With different male lead characters, obviously.


Since you made it all the way down here (try to work more quickly next time, OK? My Blogger stats show that most readers reach orgasm by the third caption so there's really no excuse for needing all five) here's a little extra.

The Portly Polar Pinniped has the best collection of 'mainstream' video clips I have ever seen.  Many of them very much themed along the 'women's world' that this blog so often celebrates. He must be a busy little aquatic mammal and you'll want to check out both his uploaded videos and his playlists.

There's too many to single out all my favourites. But check out this playlist.  It starts with the Charlie's Angels clip you've probably seen, but press on as I'll bet there's good stuff here you haven't. Especially this (rather reminiscent of the Two Ronnies Worm that Turned of blissful childhood memory). Oh: and definitely  - def-in-ite-ly - this.  And so much more.

Flap your flippers together in appreciation of the portly pinniped!


  1. Now there is a modern twist on the CAST ing couch. Twist being an operative word as I am sure many men's bits will be twisted before they are even considered for the film. Femsup

    1. I'm told some actors use stand-ins for the actual cutting scenes, which is a bit of a cheat in my view. On the other hand, I suppose if they have to do multiple takes they have to do something. And extras are cheap. They come to Hollywood thinking they'll end up on the cover of Variety and their only paid work is having their balls sliced, diced and spliced in extreme close-up. Still, it's the movies, so I guess they're living their dream.

  2. love love love The Queen Anne cap, worth paying a few bucks extra to see in 3d and a great date movie.


    1. Yes indeed, it's a perfect complement to a fine meal (nut roast? tofu basquaise?) by candlelight.

      They had a lot of fun making the movie and that really comes out in the way they market it too. At the opening screening they handed out these little novelty tote-bags - some of the journos thought it a bit gross but most just loved it, you know? Anyway, it got the movie talked about. There are so many snip-flicks around these days, you need to do something to stand out, even with the divine Anne in the cast.

  3. Your replies here are the equal of any ideas you have put as postings. Does the Wife realise just how much you are with? She should up the price at the slave market. Femsup