Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Lovingly brutal

My SO has some lovely heavy rubber gimp outfits she likes me to wear.  But for some reason only in summer. This time of year I'm not allowed to wear them. Or indeed any clothing at all.  (I don't count anything made of metal as clothing).

On the other hand, he does have to pay for it.  A sissy slave doesn't, which is just as well as they're rarely allowed much pocket money.

She's Head of the family now that her mother has passed away, of course. I mean, her father's still around, I think, but no one ever paid much attention to him anyway.

This is the magnificent Goddess Sophia, on whose dungeon floor I have occasionally had the honour to be an unsightly smudge.

I think it's all a bit unfair, really.  I mean the hunters have trucks, high-powered rifles and female brains.

I think she wants creative control. And the biggest trailer on the set, with a soundproofed playroom too, obviously.


  1. love it all but great to see Ann's creative input

    1. Thank you but... you realise that mis-spelling The Divine Anne's name counts as blasphemy round here, right?

      Blasphemous sissies don't get to eat up their nice vegan vegetable mush and they definitely don't get fur coats.

    2. sorry Anne, love Ann Coulter too

      i'm a dum dum :)