Friday, April 10, 2020

When pain is over, the remembrance of it often becomes a pleasure.

... and then the pain is back again, and so it goes on.

Astute readers (both of you) will have recognised a Jane Austen quotation, of course, and realised that you are in for a treat. Oh yes - regency femdom!  More hot chicks in empire-line dresses!  And long sentences, in elegant serifed fonts instead of that dreadful modern Gill Sans. 

Swoon on.


  1. I loved the way even friends would end their missives to one another. Ending with "I remain your most devoted slave". I rather think that we keep up such quaint traditions here. Femsup

  2. Indeed. There was more formality all around in those days. I understand that even fin-dommes, in the nineteenth century, would end their letters to pay-piggies with phrases such as "Assuring you of my continuing disdain and deepest contempt, I remain, etc etc".

    And humiliation freaks would book sessions in which they were made to wear hats normally asscoiated with members of the lower classes.

    I remain, Sir, your most perverted blogger

    Servitor, Esq.