Friday, July 3, 2020

It may sound funny but he wasn't supposed to

"The band was the inspiration for the phrase "Sleeperbloke", referring to the disparity between the glamorous singer Wener and the other frequently ignored members of the band (who tended to be far more anonymous and stood at the back)"

Quite right too.  On we go.

Oh... the sort of 'discussion' in which my contribution is mainly limited to thanks, apologies and tearful pleading.  OK, I'm good at those.

Thank goodness Billy has a loving wife to look after him.

You need to make sure you shave closely every day.  But that's not so much to ask, is it?

I'm sure she'll want to hold full and frank discussions thoroughly exploring all of their demands, before thrashing out an agreement.

I've tried assuaging my residual Catholic guilt by seeking punishment from dominatrices but for me it just never really works, as I end up having even more sinful thoughts - it's like a never ending cycle of lust, guilt, penance and shame.  I love it.

Oh... and an extra one.  Being for the benefit of Mr Allen.


  1. Ooh, making me feel properly submissive! Great ones, sara

    1. Thank you. You sound properly submissive in any case, actually, from your previous comments, but I am glad to have helped put you in your place anyway!

      Best wishes