Saturday, June 27, 2020

What a forward young man you are!

Readers of this blog who have ever fantasised about being spanked by the divine Anne Hathaway (or, more succinctly: readers of this blog) might be interested in viewing the video below.

Admittedly, we do not witness the actual act but any viewer pausing at 0.40 could be in little doubt what fate (richly deserved and almost explicitly asked for) awaits this very forward young man, once the cameras stop rolling.  Clever Ms Hathaway manages some subtle misdirection after that point, but I think we all know that's just in response to her PR agent frantically gesturing, behind the scenes.


  1. For me its when those huge beautiful eyes and big luscious mouth go wide at his impertinence. I think that striped skirt on her lap is going to have a male draped across it very soon. Femsup

    1. Her huge beautiful eyes and big luscious mouth? What a very forward young(?) man(??) you are, Femsup.

      best wishes