Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Remembrance of times past

The Other World Kingdom is mostly gone, at least in its original form, but its memory lives on.  And so do the memories of those fine ladies who worked there, which by a process of entirely fictional thought transferrence have ended up inside the mind of the author of this blog.  From where, after picking delicately around the piles of rancid porn and mounds of bad ideas that clutter that place up, they emerge to be shared here.

Or, to put it more simply: OWK ladies remember.  Again.




  1. Fantastic captions! Thank you a lot for attending my request in a wonderful way.

    As a youg chap myself I was not able to visit the OWK, but it just looked like a great place. Hearing the screams of agony of your fellow male slaves as you uncomfortably sit in a cage too small for your own size waiting for one of the many leather-clad beautiful and sadistic ladies roaming the place to take you out for several hours of torture and degradation. The perfect place to stay a couple days, or weeks, or years... A man can dream.

    Anyways I'm getting too excited, I suppose some men out there are as sad as me about the fact that the place doesn't exist anymore, and I suppose other men that visited the OWK are happy the place doesn't exist anymore... It all probably evens out at the end.

    -A humble anonymous commentator

    1. You're very welcome.

      Gone but not forgotten. Wherever two or three ladies gather and inflict unspeakable torture on naked scurrying males, there will you find the spirit of the OWK. And of course, the OWK brand can still be seen everywhere: on web sites across the Internet, as well as on the shiny reddened flesh, wrinkly but still recognisably scorched, of males across Central Europe and beyond.

      Best wishes


  2. I love the OWK stories. It reminds me of a controversy in the world of Gynarchy, part of OWK, over voting for men. Here is an imagined TV News Discussion Show on the subject.

    Good evening ladies and any men who are allowed to watch this programme. Today we have Margaret who is a supporter of men's voting rights and Samantha who is a member of the ruling party in Congress who believes that it would be a bad idea for any man to be allowed to vote. Here are their opening remarks....first Margaret...

    "We live in a world where we need to trade with other countries and many are saying they will only do that if we come nearer to universal voting rights. I think the present generation of men is probably too uneducated for this but if we teach some politics in boy's schools then perhaps in ten years this could be introduced. Many countries would be happy with this as they want our mining deposits and our oil as you know.....so I am saying not yet but with the right approach it could be introduced."

    Thank you Margaret, very good start....Samantha?

    " I agree this generation are not ready, but I consider it is just a bad idea to allow men to vote. Full stop...they haven't got the right attitude and many do not understand that voting is a privilege for them. A great many changes would have to be made for them to be allowed to vote. For example, I have over 20 slaves and I'd have to discuss with them all the issues and what the parties stand for. They would have to vote as I instruct any way because they are unable to decide anything for themselves, you know that is true Margaret. I had a house boy ask me if he can clean the toilet today instead of tomorrow because of all the ironing that is building up...he couldn't even decide that for himself. So I am saying never can men be allowed or be trained to vote."

    Ok thank you. Let us open it up to the audience. As usual we have a wide range of women in the studio from every geographic part of the Gynarchy and every profession. We don't have any men for obvious reasons. Ok we have several ladies with questions....

    "Surely we can compromise and have family voting so that men can be said to vote, but the women still control, everything."

    " Look at the state of the countries who allow male voting...a complete nightmare...it cannot happen here."

    Ok so let's vote...the question is...Should men be allowed to have the vote at some point in the future. Ok, ladies vote now!

    Wow, that is very interesting ...the numbers are 80% no 15% yes and 5% don't know.

    Well thanks for watching, it looks like the question wont be part of the political conversation in the country for some time to come.

    I must say, I know I should be impartial, but when I think of my husband and the other men I know it is a ridiculous idea that they should be allowed to choose our government...no...never.

    Thanks for watching and good night


    1. Thank you, Zoe

      That sounds like a very fair discussion of the isssues, although for me I have to confess male equality is something that seems so far removed from reality that I have quote a hard time getting my head around it. I wouldn't necesarily object to having the right to vote, myself, but what if I make a mistake and accidentally vote for someone my SO disapproves of? The consequences of that could be quite painful.

      I think if I were surveyed on the topic, I'd probably just tick the box labeled "Not permitted to have an opinion", same as I do on most things. I was actually approached by an opinion pollster in the street a year or so ago - about Brexit or something else I'm not competent to discuss - and when I explained that, the pollster got quite cross and started slapping me in frustration. So that wasn't so bad.

      Best wishes