Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Sadistically significant

I rather think the romantic evening's just getting started, don't you?





Despite her attitude to sexists, she's a great believer in naval tradition.  'Rum, sodomy and the lash' and all that, although obviously today's navy is alcohol-free.



Perhaps Paul and Irene could discuss it later.



Possibly several things.  There's always something.

She looks nice. Just as well when you're that small and vulnerable.








  1. Great as always Servitor. Zoe

  2. Honey I want to talk to you about your idea of being allowed to sit down when we have Christmas dinner.
    Why do you ask? You are usually serving food and wine, clearing away, tidying the wrapping paper after we've opened our presents and then getting the hell out of our way so the family can enjoy Christmas television in the evening. How will you even have time to sit with the family?

    Oh I see...you want to hire someone to do all that work and be treated as my husband for once. Well it is an interesting idea. However, have you though what my sister and mother, not to say what Raoul would think of you in a place of privilege in my house? Well let me tell you. They would think I can't manage my sissy husband , I can't maintain the correct order of things in my house.

    So, darling boy, the answer is no.

    You can go now.


    1. It seems to me, Ms Zoe, that he is indeed being treated as your husband - as your husband no doubt always has been treated, is treated and will be treated. And, for that matter: should be treated.

      Best wishes