Friday, May 14, 2021



You'll find her arguments compelling, I guarantee it.






I know that some subs who are subject to strict speech rules rather resent them, but personally I really can't complain.




That Clause 17(b) is a tricky one, particularly as it is written in an obscure regional dialect of Czech.  But it's very useful.



And if you want something to take your mind off the pain, try letting yourself be overwhelmed by the frustration of a lifetime in chastity.  See - it's a kind of virtuous circle.

Or higher.  Whatever.



  1. So many good ones!
    I love the shock collar/angel wings one!
    Men's lib surely will be beaten out of him...
    And no better way to forget about chastity than a good punishment! sara

    1. Thank you, sara, kind of you to say so.

      Males can get all sorts of funny ideas: men's lib, sexual fulfillment, not doing what they're told... It's a bit tiresome, but a good dose of pain usually sorts it out - for a while at least, until they need another reminder. We're lucky there are so many patient and determined women out there to help.

      Best wishes