Tuesday, June 22, 2021

May not deal in doubt or pity



I've managed to give up quite a few little vices over the years - turns out, you don't really need willpower, or rather you can rely on someone else's.



My SO likes to speak hypothetically, for example when describing ever more elaborate situations in which she might allow me an orgasm.




The evangelicals will be relieved to discover that the OWK ladies are, for the most part, not actually observant Catholics. Although they do believe in the concepts of original sin, penance and purgatory.


It's like any job, except that no domme has ever been known to assert that the customer is always right.

Mmmm... No, no.


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  1. No, Of course not Mistress, I was just thinking ..um.. well .. err.. well I was just thinking er,um, thinking . . .that . . .perhaps .... Mistress would like sissy to bring her a nice cup of tea.

    1. "Oh, tea would be lovely, thank you sissy. Just one sweetener, remember. And can you bring a whip with you as well? That little pink one with the diamante studs will do nicely."

      Best wishes