Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Painful untruths


I'd offer to get rid of it myself but someone seems accidentally to have secured my wrists to the sides of the bed, here.  I'll have to have a word about that.



She'll get the hang of it.


One of the riskier fetishes is 'very pissed-off dominatrix'.

The depressing thing is, as it's a vanilla porn movie. your being beaten up isn't even really central to the main action.  Try femdom: at least there, the beatings you receive are part of the sexy bit rather than filler.


I'll just have another nonesome, then.  Maybe two.


  1. Bbbut . . . you said YOU would deal with it. And now Nurse Rogers - I have seen him before, Tony Rogers, is coming with his enema kit and with a gloating smile on his face. Nurse, the erection has gone, so the enema won't be needed, will it, will it? A precaution? Oooh, that is so cold. Nurse, Nurse . . .

    1. You know, some men enjoy that sort of thing. Tony Rogers certtainly does.

      Many thanks for your comment.

      Best wishes


  2. I would love a femdom joke book by you. It would make an excellent gift for dommes and it would be a crazy party trick to know 20 jokes about castration.

    1. What a kind comment. I'll give it some thought but I'm afraid most of my explicit jokes are along the "What do you call a submissive tied up and wrapped in brown paper? - Russel!" variety. That said, I do seem to have a gift for making women laugh, but that's more situational than explicitly joking - when I pull my trousers and pants down, for instance. But I'll certainly consider it. Castration is one of those topics that is often treated too solemnly in my view - when in practice it's usually a joyful experience, with much laughter (or at least girlish giggling) in the room, as well as the screams and pleading (which can be even funnier, of course). My very best wishes S