Friday, January 28, 2011

Captioned images of dominance and beauty

femdom caption leather miniskirt fishnet stockings sitting on cage

femdom caption cane boots punishment
The incomparable Madame Sarka, originally of OWK but now, I believe, independently lethal

femdom caption beautiful lingerie teasing spiked chastity

femdom caption dominatrix schoolteacher with cane

femdom caption caged husband


  1. I love the bottom photo and caption.Im a carpenter.And me and all of my construction worker friends are always being "borrowed" by or "loaned out" to other wives or girlfriends to do home improvement projects [for no pay].We rarely are asked our opinion in the matter. The men all help build the back deck,swimming pool,ect, while the women sit around and chat.When the wife who owns the house asks "What can i do to pay you back for this" ,its directed at the wives,not the husbands.Generally the wives mention some project that they could use the woman's husband on.We basicly are bartered.

    Ive only been "borrowed" once where i had to help a husband clean his house [while his wife and her girlfriends went out to lay out at the local swimming pool]. But im guessing that this will happen more and more in the future.

    [ for the record.Th e husband that i helped clean with, just quit his carpenter job to be a stay at home dad since his wife outearns him as a nurse.And a nanny was costing too much. His wife is very sweet.But defintly is in charge of the marriage.This i s 100% true.I just found him quiting to become a stay at home dad, a month ago.The world really is becoming more female dominated]

  2. Not that i would say it to the mistress.
    but the capital of Australia is Canberra not Sydney.
    But the following line says not the backchat so lets leave it for what it is.