Monday, February 6, 2012

A sore loser

That's me.

When I've been lucky enough to atone at the feet of my Significant Other, that is.  Which hasn't been for a while.  But today's the day I pollute Her inbox with an email humbly requesting a visit in mid-February.  Lucky servitor, always a loser and soon to be sore.

Slave in the Russian outdoors
This is the thirteenth picture in a twenty picture photo set.  The ones from seventeen up are a bit icky, to be honest.

Cruella magic
The life of a film star.  It's not all glamour, you know.  And they want the caning reshot from yesterday too.

Leash for hubby
There's nothing to be embarassed about.  She's already told most of the people who are going to be there all about your little 'thing' that you like to get off to, after all.

Just look into those eyes, fall in love and obey.

You do have the right to remain silent, but that's rather unlikely to happen, isn't it?

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