Thursday, March 15, 2012

The word of command

"No!", usually.

Electric play nice
Huh!  And she accuses you of being a gadget freak!  Never goes anywhere without that remote, these days.


Time to play torture chamber
So much more fun than silly old 'naughty maid'.  And the marks last a lot longer too.

Actually, the embarassment comes from the fact that she didn't realise there's only one 'o' in loser when she did it.  But I'd be too polite to point that out - wouldn't you?  Still, better than this guy I used to know who became enslaved to an eighteen year-old.  He is branded with the word "Pwned!" - doesn't it just make you cringe?

Third hand beating
Frankly, I think it's a bit lazy not to do it herself.  Ooops - you won't tell her I said that?

Crush slowly caption
I was reading the crush version of Metamorphosis the other day. It's shorter than Kafka's original.


  1. Lovely and hilarious as always. I particularly like the first one. Where's that picture from?

  2. Thumbs up for "all dressed up" and "marked on the beach".

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments.

    As for where the picture came from, AP, well that's a hard one as they say. I don't really keep records, just trawl around downloading stuff and caption a tiny fraction of those later. It just might be Predatory Lesbian... it's got that 'vanilla but not pure vanilla' look to it that the pictures there oiften achieve so well. anyway, and welll worth checking out.

  4. If I was her property I would be telling everyone i could and wearing a Tee shirt saying I am her property