Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The quality of mercy

Much more important than the quantity.  Don't you think?  Worth waiting for.  At least, I assume it will be.

Anyway, while I randomly gibber over here, condemn yourselves to eternal damnation by feasting your eyes - and any other parts of your body that need sustainance - on these captioned images of female domination.

Bored domme
I'm not really myself into foot worship.  But I do love pics of dommes looking bored.  And foot pics are definitely the place to go for that. I mean, isn't it a bit, well... tedious for the domme?  No? Slobber slobber...for hours on end.  But hey - I respect your choice of fetish, OK?  Me, I hate it when She makes me worship Her feet.  I get really uncomfortable.  Oh, but I love hating it like that.

Dead submissive good boy
There was a tense period when it looked as though she would have to produce a body to get the funds released, but just when she'd got the suicide note written, her lawyer found a precedent for a fast declaration without.  Phew!  She still has the note, of course.  Just in case.

Preparing for a beating
It's always funny when she starts.  They think she means chew them a bit and they mostly get turned on by the humiliation, you know?  Then they find out that she does actually mean eat them - and it is really hard to eat a pair of trainers.  Good news, though - it's a lot easier than having Madame Sarka annoyed with you.  So eat up.

Hmmm.  This looks fun.  I wonder if she has anything special she does before getting you off?

Femdom bride whats not to like?
You weren't expecting a multiple orgasm, surely?  Once is plenty.  Actually, many ladies think once is too much and who am I to argue?


  1. Mmm, strong-willed wives, where would I be without one of those?

    (Apart from allowed on the furniture, I mean)

  2. Oooh - very nice, Steve, very nice indeed!

    I might have to 'borrow' that one for a caption some time.

    1. Heh. Feel free- more than happy to help you keep up the awesome work!