Friday, August 3, 2012

Restraining orders

Yes please.  Those.

These too:
Bikini briefs and pet play
The leash is invisible, but that doesn't mean there isn't one there.

Money domme makes good
Rather a thoughtless gift, as she can't drive, don't you think?  I expect he'll be punished for that.  When she can be bothered.

Pain inflicted lovingly and steadily
Pain-killers don't work, anyway. I was taking some, for a minor condition, but when I went to visit my Significant Other the nipple clamps still hurt like hell.  I'm thinking of complaining to the Adertising Standards Authority.

I cant remmebre what this femdom caption was about
Yes, being caged up for that long is pretty scary.  But not as scary as Lucy.

Hathaway with my heart
That would be really helpful, actually.  I find that almost every day, there are some moments when I catch myself not thinking about Anne.  Of course, it doesn't happen often, but it's still a bit worrying.


  1. i think we should do that Hathaway dvd re-organising for serious

    also love the wife in the big skirt so chic

    1. I think skirts like that are wonderful. I have no idea about chic, but I know what I like.

  2. "Here, Boy." is excellent.
    And Anne, of course.

  3. That blonde can't drive a simple thing like that, and depends on a jobless man to move it/her from A to B? Hmmmm, bet she can't manage a VW either. But then again, what could be expected from a poor girl like that who can't even afford to buy some panties.

    1. Yes, it's odd isn't it, Ma'am? I've often wondered why it is that superior ladies so often appear in images on the Internet in which they are dressed in such revealing, or just plain uncomfortable outfits?

      Very strange. I'll do more research - a LOT more research - into the the subject and I'll let you know if anything comes up.

    2. Hehe.....sure, sure, go ahead and investigate. But there’s no need for that Sherlock. I can tell u right now. Apart from the fact that they rarely have enough money to afford driving even the cheapest Porsche, these women r simply utterly submissive females. Their only goal in life is to do the bidding of men impersonating submissive males/slaves, to arouse them, and to make them buy their staged pictures/vids by the dozen over and over again. To that end they relentlessly r posing in ridiculous outfits for greedy photographers who want these poor males to believe it's the ultimate supreme, sublime, and superior dominant broad they have in front of their camera.

      Oh, and both of these creatures did some research as well, and found out that many self-professed submissive men want to see their divine mistress look like that. Otherwise, they would have told them to wear a potato bag or something.

  4. The best way to put a man in a cage is to tie his hands behind his back then put him in the cage ,then sprinkle large quantities of itching powder through the cage ,this will drive him crazy ,and is great entertainment for the woman