Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The deal

Not for the first time, I found myself writing a 'caption' that's so long it could barely fit onto the Sistine Chapel ceiling (and, to be honest, might not be entirely appropriate there), so instead of putting it in 6 point type, here it is, unlocked and free to dangle, as it were.

Actually, this one's a bit serious, not a joke.  Very strong fantasy for me.  Hope I haven't ruined it by writing it down.

And it's called 'The Deal'.

The deal’?  Well, I thought I’d been perfectly clear.  I can run through it once more, I suppose.

I am a professional governess and lifestyle counsellor.  I specialise in taking charge of supposedly grown men like you, who have never grown up.

I will set you homework every week and punish you if it is not done to my satisfaction.  At weekends, you will come here and do chores before breakfast, then you will sit in a classroom under my supervision.  You will go to bed by 8.30.

I will lock your penis away so you can’t indulge your filthy habits.  And I will fill the time you save by setting you punishment lines to write, and making you stand for hours in a naughty corner in your apartment, monitored by a camera feed via your computer.
I will take control. You will go on a strict diet, and will exercise to my specifications daily.  You will keep your apartment spotlessly clean, to a rota I will provide.  TV and Internet time will be severely rationed, and you will not be permitted to watch anything inappropriate.  I will control your spending, by monitoring your bank accounts, and you will be expected to keep records of everything, and account for every penny so I can make sure you are not frittering your money away.  Any purchases over £25 will need pre-approval. You will bring me your performance evaluations from work, and we will discuss ways in which you can apply yourself more effectively in your career.

And I will beat you every time I am in the slightest degree dissatisfied with your perfomance.  I will use the strap and the tawse on your palms.  I will beat your thighs and calves with a heavy leather belt.  And whenever I am still not satisfied that you have learnt your lesson, I will cane you.  There is an old-fashioned whipping block in my study, and I will strap you tightly over it and I will flog you with this cane until I am satisfied that you have learnt your lesson.  You will scream, and struggle, and beg and plead and you will cry.  All boys do.  But the straps are strong and so is my will.

You will dread the ringtone of the mobile phone that is only for my use, to call you with instructions.  You will dread the journey to my house on a Friday evening.  You will squirm in fear as I look over your homework and your lines.  You will shake when you are waiting outside my study for the call to enter and to face your punishment.  Even in your lonely bed at home, you will wake in a cold sweat, from a nightmare in which you imagine me displeased with you.

You will obey me.  You will work for me.  You will scream in pain, or endure hours of tedium, as I dictate.  You will hate the pain, and the discomfort and the sexual frustration, the misery and the terror.  Above all, you will hate this cane and you will fear what I can do to you with it.  Every waking moment.

That is ‘the deal’.

Oh – and one more thing.  You will pay me for the privilege.

You may now leave, or you may choose to sign the contract and we will begin.


  1. I love the idea of having to ask her for permission to pay her for taking complete control over you...

  2. Thank you both. I think she still has some vacancies, actually. I'll ask.

  3. To have every aspect of my life controlled by women has been a long-time, very strong fantasy for me as well. Having her decide what time I get up, when I go to the bathroom, my bedtime and what I do every minute of the day is a delicious fantasy. No clothing and no privacy. Having to account for every penny and every minute spent. Having to meet the goals she sets for weight loss, exercise. Eating only what she specifies and doing all the housework exactly as she directs.

    In my fantasy, my secretary and I switch positions. She takes over my office and I sit at her tiny desk in the reception area. I have to punch a time clock. She cancels the janitorial service so I must come in early to clean the restroom and the office. She declares our restroom as the "ladies" room, so I must use the public restroom at the gas station across the street. She closely supervises everything I do.

  4. "All is fantasy, unrealised and perhaps unrealisable." Hmmm, I know of a woman who's "worse" than this in r/l :)