Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crying behind the tears

Never mind.  They can't spend the whole two weeks discussing your sexual inadequacies, now can they?

And you can play out 'small penis humiliation' scenes even more effectively!  You like SPH, right?

Plenty of time.  Brain damage sets in quite quickly, but it's a few minutes after that before any vital organs are affected.

Male servitude
Well, she seems very determined.  Just as well, at those hourly rates.

This is of course, the divine Eleise de Lacy, of Femme Fatale fame.  Wonderful lady, wonderful site. 

Divine contemplation
Time to pull out that faded old copy of the pre-nup and refresh your memory about some of the other terms she insisted on putting in.  I'm fairly sure many of the more painful ones are illegal, though - maybe you could have a word with the learned lady from the previous picture?


  1. Might as well parepare him for his daily prison discipline in a correctionial instiution rur entirely by women..)

  2. Unffff this is so hot having a DEFENCE lawyer being so cruel. But she is being cruel to be kind in the right manner cruel to be kind its a very good sign. I like that she cares enough to acclimatise him to the cane. The incidental information the wardresses use canes too is a lovely touch. All woman justice systems are the fairest of them all.