Friday, March 7, 2014

Report an abusive image

...if you spot any of those, do let me know, won't you?

Financial domination by Natalie
No taxation without, err....

Sounds exciting.

I always find the washing instructions on clothes hard to understand.  So did he, apparently.

It wouldn't really be asking permission if she didn't say no, now and then, would it?

It rarely is, actually.  In fact, I don't know about you but I've always found the standard travel phrasebooks to be pretty useless in session.  I'm thinking of writing in to complain.


  1. What a lovely Wife... not only did She listen to Her slave's idea, but She also went through the trouble of trying to apply it. Just imagine if Her Friend would have said 'no'. She would have been put in a really awkward position.

  2. Today this post appeared in my feedly account and I thought it was from your blog. Turns out it wasn't.

  3. Males must really have a low self esteem and threshold if they are humiliated by a Woman opening a door for them. Just let those same males go through what other males rightly go through on this site and then come back and tell us about Women opening doors. Femsup

    1. Are there men who are humiliated if a Woman opens a door for them? Wow. Lucky bastards. I wish I was humiliated whenever a woman opened a door for me. I could save so much money... I could just, y'know, hang around near doors.

      It takes a lot more than that to humiliate me. But it's worth it.