Tuesday, September 9, 2014

She wants you back

You know, I’ve been thinking about what you said about how frustrating and humiliating you find it – being locked up in that thing while I fuck Raoul.

I think I might have the solution.  You could both fuck me!

I mean, not at the same time of course.  Not quite at the same time, anyway.

You see, Raoul’s really rubbish at foreplay.  Well, actually he can be fantastic at it, but usually he doesn’t bother, you know?  Just wants to get his massive cock into me and start thrusting away – silly old bull.

So I thought maybe you could do the foreplay?  And Raoul needn’t even be there – he can be downstairs watching the football or something.  You could be delicately stroking and kissing me – not on the face, though, because I want to pretend it’s Raoul, not you.  And using your tongue.  Of course, you’d stay locked up just to make sure there are no accidents.

And then when I’m good and ready, you can go downstairs and tell Raoul he can come up.  Remember he likes you to call him Sir.

And then we’d lock you in the cuckold pillory and fuck the rest of the night, just like now.

There – that should help with that horrible sexual frustration – don’t you think?

No?  Oh.  Well, you’re doing it anyway, grumpyface.

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