Friday, October 17, 2014

OWK memories

As most of you will know, the Other World Kingdom closed its doors some time ago.  Like many submissives, I was completely captivated by the images and videos produced by this place, and I wish I had had the opportunity to go.  Especially in the very early days, there was a freshness and originality to OWK.  I still remember seeing the first full-page glossy ad for the place in a magazine (before the Internet - or at least before I had access, in 1992 or so).  There were these stern ladies escorting prisoners with a real concentration-camp vibe.  So different from the scenes shot in the British home counties, or the usual studios.

Anyway, through the extensive use of a media technique known in the trade as 'making it up', this blog managed to secure interviews with several of the OWK's ladies just before it closed, reminiscing about the early days and their time at the OWK.  The author would like to thank all of these ladies for donating their completely imaginary time, as well as for the advice they provided to him for self-improvement, during the course of the fantasised interviews.

We miss you, OWK.



  1. This was a treat, thank you! And yes, we do miss the OWK!

    - Banff

  2. I love this pose .......