Friday, July 3, 2015

Like lovers do

Sex..?. Don't talk to me about sex.  I tried it once - not tryin' that again.  Nearly got me 'ead stuck! 
Joke copyright Alexei Sayle.
It's wilful impertinence on your part.  So's being too early, obviously.
Scurry scurry scurry...

Don't worry.  She's quite sweet, really.  When she's not in a bad mood.

In space, no one can hear you sigh with hopeless romantic infatuation...


  1. Aren't last photo in this post a little repost, my friend?

    1. Oooopsie. You know I thought I'd already put it up... but it was in my unposted not posted folder, and I generally have quite a careful system for moving - well, that doesn't matter anyway, obviously didn't work this time.

      I won't edit the post to change it, or you and the gentleman below will look like lunatics. But I'll add an extra Anne to Tuesday's post... even more heartstopping beauty.

      If it's any consolation I've just booked in to see a lady in London for a critical review of many aspects of my performance in just over two weeks' time and I'll be sure to mention this little slip to her. I'm sure she'd like to hear about it; she takes a keen interest in mistakes I make.

      Thank you (both)!


    2. Well, I think telling her about it is only right thing you could do.

      Anyway, don't be upset, you give us much good content that little mistakes like this one doesn't count. As for paying attention... I can't tell if it's good or not.

      BTW, you always reply to comments, and you are always so nice. I'm feeling bad for posting anonymous, it would be so much easier if wordpress would support disqus ;)

    3. I suppose in response to being praised for responding to comments, and being nice, I really should ignore this or respond with a tirade of withering scorn!

      But I've never really seen the point of being abusive towards commenters - most of the people commenting here probably have a special someone to do that for them anyway.

      Keep coming back. If you don't want to register a username, you could always type one at the bottom of your comments. Helps me sort out one Mr A from another.

  2. That last one's a repost.

    1. Indeed it is, well spotted, compensation is due - see my reply above.

      Gosh, you guys are really paying attention to this stuff, aren't you?