Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Let down your hair


No – don’t try to struggle.  I tie men up for a living you know!  I do know how to make sure they can’t get free.  Just wait quietly while the glue sets.

I said quietly!  There’s really no point in trying to talk.  I can’t understand what you’re saying through that gag.  And anyway, I don’t care.

You know, I thought I recognised your voice, when you phoned to make the appointment?  But I couldn’t place it.  But the very moment you walked through the door, I remembered of course.  Billy.  Billy the bully.

I suppose you call yourself ‘William’ now, do you? Maybe you’re a reformed character too, hmm?  Or are you just as unpleasant to the people you work with as you were to us at school?  Hmm?  Especially the women, I expect.  Unless you want something from them – I’ll bet you’re a real arse-licker to boss, hmm?  You always were.

So now here we are.  Dominatrix and client.  Helen and William.  God – that year when we had French together with Madame Kerguelen!  I was sitting right on front of you.  I don’t think my head ever stopped hurting that year.  You were such an evil little bastard.  You know I even got detention once for crying out, when you tugged really hard?  Maybe I should do that to you too – make you sit alone in a room for a few hours.

But it’s the hair-pulling that I really want you to try.  You see all that apparatus up there?  Well, when that glue has set in your hair, the cords I’ve threaded all the way through it will be meshed firmly into your hair.  And I’ll attach them to some of those chains and then we’ll start to have some fun.

“A bit of fun”?  Wasn’t that how you always described it?

Well, Billy boy, this is a pro-domme dungeon and I really know how to have fun.  Pull the hair and make her cry, that was your favourite game, wasn’t it?  Well, here we’ll play it with grown-up equipment.

I’ll attach the chains to some of those little pullies I’ve got up there, and I’ll put weights on them.  And we can slowly pull your hair.  You see – I’ve got some on the side, as well?  So I can pull parts of your hair in different directions.  And I think from time to time I’ll pick one up in my hand and attach a particularly heavy weight – and then I’ll drop it.  For a good old-fashioned tug. 
Just like old times.
The part of Domina Rapunzel in this tale was played by the original, mysterious, alluring and occasionally terrifying Mistress Eleise de Lacey.


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    1. "Pretty woman, don't walk on by
      Pretty woman, don't make me cry
      Pretty woman..." etc

      Yes, she is. And I have had the extraordinary privilege of meeting her twice, and she is even more awesomely beautiful in person.

    2. mmm.. was she make u cry during meeting?