Friday, August 5, 2016

Take me, I'm yours

Because dreams are made of this.

And if she isn't free, your daughter's got lots of other friends who could step in.

Did you have something better to do? No?  Well then.

That half a day's going to drag a bit.  I hate not really having anything to do, you know?

Those two extra legs make all the diference.  Insects don't usually have such big fangs too.

Could be a career breakthrough here.  Make yourself valuable to stars like Gigi Allens and who knows where you might go?


  1. WOW that one in the horse riding boots is great. Love the horse riding theme too. Would be great to see more using it.

    1. Yes, so would I! I'll see what I can do about that.

  2. Have you run across P.F. Dee's "Cocksitter Club" stories? They're set in a world where male chastity has become compulsory in the US, and revolve around women hired to "babysit" guys when their wives have to leave town for a while.

    Here's a link to part one -

  3. I hadn't before, but now I have so thank you for that. Very nice, I like the pace of the way the story develops.