Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Domesticated bliss

Actually: confession time. I, servitor, am not actually into femdom at all. It's all a cruel punishment perpetrated upon me by an evil woman who forces me to spend hours each week scouring the internet for pictures of ladies in leather boots, or holding canes - which don't excite me at all! - and write silly captions on them. Oh, the torment.

Well, these things matter, y'know?  Sure, Kurt's main priority right now is to spend the night fucking your wife like a piledriver.  But in the morning, he's going to want a nice fresh pair of briefs to pull over his aching cock, amiright?

My SO, a few of her friends and I played this game with a tattoo pen once.  Goodness, we laughed!  Some of us.

Would it be to make a banana smoothie?

Cultural norms can vary a lot, even within the same country. At the office where I work, for example, I'm allowed on the furniture and to drink water without asking permission.


  1. I just gotta know what idea Marie came up with looking at the banana.

    1. Apparently it was a banana smoothie, after all. Ah well. Not everything's femdom. Of course, the subsequent banana smoothie enema probably does count as femdom, but I'm afraid I domnn't have a picture of that.

    2. Sounds good to me.