Friday, December 9, 2016

Penile servitude

It turns out they did get the sugar, but it was a little untidily heaped in the bowl, so, you know...

Bad interns get spanked. Good interns get spanked and made to wear little lacy panties too.

I had to go to court once.  The lady magistrate ordered me to be bound over to keep the peace.  But apparently that doesn't mean what you might think.  Who knew?  I just started to get myself ready, then and there, but... it's a long story but anyway, I ended up sentenced to six months with hard labour for an obscene display in contempt of court.  So that turned out quite well in the end.

Odd thing to say. I think she looks very nice.

And that's before they start.


  1. Oh I love #3!

    "Keep out of chastity. It's being ground to bits in a slow mill; it's being roasted at a slow fire; it's being stung to death by single bees; it's being drowned by drops; it's going mad by grains."

    Well. If we're lucky, anyway.

    1. Nicely spotted.

      Being stung to death by single bees, though... oh let's not give my SO any more ideas, for mercy's sake. It was bad enough re-enacting the scenes from David Copperfield's schooldays.