Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Simply divine, darling

It's always such a relief when finally the boxes are all unpacked, there's a chain the right length in each room, all the pillories and cages have been assembled and you can get back to ordinary married life, for goodness sake.

She's always taken roleplay very seriously. They tried medical fetish play once and it didn't turn out well.

Making a decision of my own free will, to do exactly whatever she has told me, immediately, is the secret to a happy life I find.

Oh, you've already promised to honour and obey him, so adding love to the mix doesn't change much.

The truth will not set you free.


  1. I love the role-play schoolmistress!

    1. So do I. Yes, it's good when it's done properly, isn't it? I arranged a double-domme schoolmistress session once and asked for them to be as 'in-character' as they possibly could, so they spent the entire time in the staffroom, drinking cheap instant coffee and whinging about the way the government keeps changing the reporting requirements for the new GCSE syllabus. Heaven.

      Thank you for commenting!

  2. truth serum and cane =no need of thought reader/changer chip.

    1. Very true. Sometimes the old methods are the best. And in absence of truth serum, she could always fall back on the stil older approach of 'assuming the little bastard is lying', which has served many dominant wives rather well down the centuries.

      Best wishes