Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sex and violence...

Sex and violence, sex and violence
goes together like a gag and silence...

Fortunately for us, we can only see her front in this picture, so obviously there's no inappropriate leering from our side.

She's got a funny story about how he actually proposed - just wait.

Bondage and arachnophobia... quite a stimulating combination, I think.

The lovely Idda Van Munster who will be featured here again, believe me.

...and just to annoy Declan again:

Can I stake a claim for the first use of the word 'contemporaneous' in a femdom porn blog, please? *  

* Don't worry - we're back to normal service after Friday's maledom special and we are no longer expecting male dominant readers.  So it's OK to use big complicated words and subtle(ish) humour.  Yay!

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