Friday, December 29, 2017


Let's hope she does want to treat him nicely.

Any particular flavour?

I think Hugh should stand up to them. I mean, is he a man or a mouse?

It would probably be OK to use any one of the Approved Slave Apology Phrases # 23 - 38 in reply.  Or several, even.

Well, that's thoughtful.  Just what I needed.

By the way, I've been keeping this quiet partly because I don't want him closed down, but there's a chap with an account on who must own an industrial-quality scanner, who appears to be digitising what looks to be a large lifetime collection of (mainly British) material relating to... well, our interests.  The vast majority of it is fem sub but even if only 5% of it is FD, the sheer volume he is posting there makes it rather significant in itself.  I make no judgments on the copyright issues, let alone the rather more serious violation of this blog's code involved in publishing material in which men oppress women (they're only lengthening the charge sheet against them, for when we finally achieve the righteous smack of firm government) but I leave it to you to decide. 


  1. "Planning permission" hits one of my favorite topics. So much so, I couldn't resist slightly rewording the caption (below). *Then* I read your first caption for 2018. It seems those automated kibble feeders are selling well to dominant wives. I think I need to pay a little more attention to that new re-modelling project my wife has going in our basement ;-)

    “Anyway, darling, it’s all ready. The contractors did a beautiful job and I thought you might as well move in right away, hmm?

    Everything is fully automated. The feeder will dispense your kibble 3 times a day, and it’s connected to a large bin. So even if I don’t look in on you for many weeks, you won’t go hungry. The auto-clean cycle will spray down everything, including you, once a day. I’m afraid that means no clothes or bedding for you. But I do love the uncluttered look, just shiny tile and the stainless steel of the collar, shackles,
    and chastity device I had welded on you – and nothing else.

    Now, in you go.”

    1. Now this is just spooky. I get ideas, as well as finding themes collections of photos, and tend to do a few quite similar captions then put them out at different times. The same Tumblr/Pinterest or whatever that got me that bleak cell also gave me another photo which I captioned with a very similar 'automated' theme to yours (although the scenario is a prison guard cheerily describing the venue for her prisoner's 10-year stay for sexist behaviour). I'll put it up on the next post (5 January).

      Hope you enjoy it, Ralph. But being a celibate husband, maybe your enjoyment will be strictly limited!

  2. Oh, you have no idea just how limited. Well, maybe you do ...