Friday, December 15, 2017

Women beat their men

Animals watch beyond the fire.

Don't worry, they're quite uncomfortable for her too, so this part of the session shouldn't last more than 45 minutes or so.

I'd scream for Keira, nightly if she wanted me to.

Well, I hope it's still summer, if we're going to play outside again.

They have lots of good ideas for taking all the hard work out of BDSM too - or at least, making someone else do it.

Must be nice not to have to worry about limits and all that nonsense.


  1. The last lass must be a member of Freddie's Tales New Order and is going for her black Qipao. Femsup

    1. Yes, I think I'd like to see her in a black qipao. And now at least it's been found, why not?

    2. ..or "now at LAST it's been found", even.

  2. please give us a politics mega post, men are out of control!