Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Respect cannot be earned

It can only be taught.  Something like that, anyway.  Now, more of this.

I'd 'freely consent', wouldn't you?  Well... I mean, I would if I were free, obviously.

I'll just try to hold it in, I think.  You wouldn't believe how much fuss Travis makes when I ask him to do that. 

Later on, she started having twice-weekly sessions with her tennis instructor, ironically enough.

With this ring, I thee enslave.

Wow.  You could almost believe she actually intends to do it, huh?  Yum.


  1. �� What is the contract he is being forced to sign in the first image about?

    1. Oh... you know. Stuff. Stuff she wants - do we need to know any more than that? Does he?

      Anyway, most of the details are on the other pages so he hasn't even seen them.