Sunday, July 22, 2018


Oh my god.  Oh my god – little Bobby Jenkins, as I live and breathe!  “Sinatra55” is Bobby Jenkins!  Wow.  Who'd have guessed!

Well, "Sinatra55",as you can see: “Sultry Suzie” from Elegant Escorts is none other than Clarice Hoskins. From class of 2012. Surprise!  How about that, huh? 

Wow.  Just wow.  After all these years.

Hey, I guess I haven’t seen you since that night I met you outside the cinema, huh?  And listen, I’ve thought about that night a lot, OK? That letter you pressed into my hand?  I’m sorry I didn’t reply, but I did read it.  I read it a few times, actually, and I tried to write a reply – oh, must have been 15… 20 times? But I just couldn’t find the words – you were the first boy who ever told me he loved me, you know?  And there’ve only been one or two since – none of them wrote me a letter like that.  Beautiful.  And I wanted to tell you how good it made me feel but also somehow tell you you just weren’t my type, not in that way, and when I thought about how you’d feel when you read that I’d just start crying, so… I could never finish the reply.  You know how teenagers are.

Yeah.  I guess we all have to grow up, huh?

The escort thing?  Oh yeah, been doing that a few years now.  I mostly just keep it to oral, you know, like you booked? But once you’re with a client, you pretty much have to do what they want, so I’ve done a few things.  But I don’t mind.

Look, I’ve got to keep 20% back for the agency, OK? But I can just refund the rest of your fee.  No problem.  It happens from time to time.  Maybe we could just go for a drink – I mean, we’ve got a couple of hours.

What do you mean why do you get a refund?  You get a refund because we’re not going to fuck, Bobby, yeah?  If I know one thing, it’s that the Bobby Jenkins who wrote Clarice that beautiful letter wouldn’t want to pay her to kneel down in front of him for a meaningless, anonymous blow job.  So – no problem. The agency will just credit your card.  They won’t ask any questions.

No, really.  It's sweet of you, but I don't really need the money just now. I've had a busy week already - I only toook this on because one of the other girls had to go visit her Mom. You keep your money - buy yourself something special, OK?

No. I wouldn't hear of it.  There - I've texted the agency to do the refund.  End of discussion. 

So – how about you, huh? What are you doing with yourself?  Guess you must be doing pretty well to afford someone like me, huh?  What is it – hedge fund? You were always good at math.

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  1. Thank You for this little sad story. "We all have to grow up" as a result.