Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The unkindness of strangers

... and loved ones, for that matter.

Aww... she gave you an advisory warning.  Many new brides wouldn't... she seems rather sweet.

Very fair point.  The unfair bit is that homosexuality's illegal there, so not only do they force you to suck off other inmates, they give you an extra 20 years for it.

'Normally'?   I'm normally out on the landing desperately hoping she'll throw my trousers out after me at this point.   So... new situation.  Scrabble?

I hope she moves to a lower chair.

Actually, this is described quite clearly in Revelations.  You just have to read it with the Bible held at the correct angle, in the right light.  And Contemplate the Divine.


  1. An old one, but a good one.


    1. It is indeed both of those things, thank you.

      With somewhat less satirical edge, so is this.
      The goddess on the right at about 1.53 melts my heart.

    2. Just now noticed I didn't embed my link. I suppose that's to be expected. Sadly, I can't edit it.

      Hopefully the punishment for this is rather lenient.

    3. Don't worry about that. Most commentators here don't embed the links they post. My SO reckons it's because they're lazy, incompetent feckless males who think only of themselves and give no thought at all to the trouble they might be putting others to in having to copy and paste the links, including their superiors who have much more important things to do with their time. But she says that about lots of things.

      The punishment for it is indeed lenient, relatively speaking. You'll recover in a day or two.

      Best wishes