Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet cruelty

Shackles - the making of many a femdom marriage
They laughed when I was said I was going to start a femdom blog devoted to humorous captions and stories.  They're not laughing now...*

Strapped down, castrated...and ignored.
They offer a choice of general anaesthetic, local anaesthetic or straps plus a gag.  Most patients prefer some sort of anaesthetic.  But it's not the patients who make the choice.

OWK smoking dominatrices starve slaves to death shock horror!
Of course, they give them drinks of water from time to time.  Otherwise they'd just die of thirst within a day or two.  Like the first batch.

Lovely lovely lovely...
* Copyright Bob Monkhouse, approx. 1875.


  1. Servitor-

    Never let it be said my heart isn't in the right place. Go wild:



  2. That's what I love about Anne: she's tough, but fair. And deliciously mean, too, of course...

  3. Thank you Saratoga.

    I want to be Robin, I think. weak, ineffectual, boyish, hanging around as Anne makes eyes (and WHAT eyes!) at Batman.

    Also wearing tights.


  4. Thank you as well Steve, but a littl ebit less as you do not come bearing pictures of the divine Anne.

    She is indeed. She'll always explain carefully why she has to do what she's about to do. She does it right at the start, because you'll be screaming too hard really to take it in any later on. She's thoughtful like that.

  5. You are quite welcome Servitor.

    Planning a quick trip out to LA, are you now?


  6. That "scalpels cut his softest flesh" one is really outstanding! Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Aunt Cassie. And for commenting on another castration image as well. What a sweet and kind Auntie you must be - I'm sure your nephews consider themselves very lucky to have a family member with such an intense interest in medical matters relating to boys' sexual health!

      Your cross-legged Servitor.